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October 6, 2002

Dusty Baker


Q. Bobby mentioned that they sent Millwood home early; what's your thoughts on that and why didn't you do the same with Russ Ortiz?

DUSTY BAKER: It would be easy because that's their home and they are going home no matter what. We are trying to win to go home. We discussed it and thought about it, it's just that, you know, if it goes 13 or 14 innings, might need him. Like I said, it's a lot easier to fly Millwood home to his own home than it is for us to fly Russ home to their home.

Q. If you have to use Russ in the 14th, who would you go with tomorrow?

DUSTY BAKER: Well, depends on who we used today. Obvious choice would probably be Woody..

Q. On TV they said it looked like Kirk had thrown 100 pitches before he walked out there. Was there any truth to that?

DUSTY BAKER: He had not thrown 100 pitches, number one. Their counting must have been wrong, you know what I mean? When does he not look like that? He sweats like a mule. Any time you see Woody, he's sweating.

Q. What did you think of Millwood when you last saw him, as opposed to the last couple of years when he struggled with his arm?

DUSTY BAKER: He was excellent the other day. Like I said, I think we've seen him earlier in the year here. He's thrown the ball pretty good, and that's the best we've seen him throw. Quite frankly, I don't remember facing him last year, to tell you the truth. I don't know, he was -- I see why they said he's been throwing as good as anybody in the League. The last six weeks or so, he's the best pitcher on the staff. Judging from how he threw the other day, I understand how they can say that.

Q. Considering how well Russ pitched in the first game and this is a must-win game, were you tempted to go with him today and Livan tomorrow?

DUSTY BAKER: No, not at all. Livan has already been out a week, and each day that goes by is potentially taking a chance of him being less and less sharp, plus Russ has not gone on three days' rest, to my knowledge. No, today was Livan's day.

Q. You guys obviously had a lot of success against Glavine in Game 1. Do you change anything since he's going on three days' rest?

DUSTY BAKER: No. Sometimes when you think about a pitcher, sometimes they are better on three days' rest. In the case of Kirk, he might have been too strong the other day. He was throwing too hard. No, we are going to approach him much like we did the other day unless he shows us that he's made an adjustment and coming inside, and then we'll make the adjustment to him. Basically, he's going to pitch his game.

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