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January 18, 2020

Mardy Fish

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Mardy Fish after the third round. What did you end up with total, 105?
MARDY FISH: Maybe. Maybe 107. I parred the last one. I'm not sure. I think we're four back. In this format it's a little bit different than Tahoe. So it's a little bit harder to come from behind. But there's some scorable holes out there, and I played a good front nine out here, and I played a good back nine. I just haven't married them together. I'm going to need one of those tomorrow.

Q. How have you been putting so far?
MARDY FISH: Not great. That's usually not the best part of my game, but I hit the ball fairly well. The wind is nice and tough for us today. I didn't play nearly as well today as I did the first two days. There's usually one of those in there. We're not professionals. So there's usually one of those in there.

Q. You've been in the hunt so many times in this event. You've won it a couple of times. What are you thinking going into tomorrow?
MARDY FISH: Yeah, I've got to keep an eye on Smoltzy, and I've got to go low. I've got to have something where I hit some good shots and make some putts, maybe put some pressure on early a little bit. I hit it today -- early, I had some shorter putts that I missed, and that would have been nice to make and put some pressure on him, but I didn't. So here we are, four back and ready to go.

Q. As far as pairings tomorrow, would you rather be paired with John, or would you --
MARDY FISH: I don't think it matters. I think he'll be with the two ladies in the end anyway, so I think it's mark and I again, which happens quite a lot. It happens quite a lot at these tournaments on the last day. We'll be trying to catch him.

Q. What's it going to take? How many birdies are you predicting tomorrow is it going to take to win it with him?
MARDY FISH: I'm not going to predict anything, but you never know. You never know if the pressure gets to him, maybe you don't need it quite as much, but you certainly need 3 or 4 under and see where that puts you.

Q. If weather is an issue, if it gets a little overcast or rainy, what are you thinking then?
MARDY FISH: That would probably only help. I mean, any conditions would probably help. So a perfect day probably wouldn't be as ideal trying to come back.

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