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January 18, 2020

Jon Lester

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. With the cancer awareness, what's been the reaction this week to the shoes? Have people noticed it?
JON LESTER: Yeah, I've had some pretty good reactions from them. A couple questions, the guys asked about it today.

Q. In the gallery or in the group?
JON LESTER: Yeah, gallery and group. Wore them yesterday as well and got a couple questions on them. So it's been good.

Q. Is there different things written on there different days? I saw the pictures of the 44 million raised so far.
JON LESTER: So this is PCRF -- my foundation is Never Quit, and we donate -- all the money goes to Pediatric Cancer Research.

Q. So your foundation sends money to PCRF, is that right?

Q. And you've raised 44 million so far?
JON LESTER: We haven't, but PCRF has raised $44 million.

Q. What about Never Quit?
JON LESTER: We are north of $2 million, just shy of 3. So about $2.5 million. We started in 2012, and we're up to $2.5 million.

Q. And you've never been one to toot your horn is my understanding.
JON LESTER: No. So we do stuff like this to -- kind of is the toot the horn type deal.

Q. How would people contribute to Never Quit?
JON LESTER: Neverquit.org. We have a Facebook page, and you can go on there, and you can make anonymous donations. You can make donations under four people's names or under people's names, I guess in their honor. But, yeah, you can do that.

Q. How does that make you feel helping -- I know you've got the personal story that's behind all this, but how does it make you feel to give back?
JON LESTER: It's been good. The best part for me has been we do what's called road rallies during the season, and we have kids that are either going through treatment or have just finished treatment, and we get them and their families to games. This year we finally crossed over all 30 teams. So we get them out for a game. We get them tickets.

Q. 30 teams on the road or at Wrigley?
JON LESTER: On the road. We've done a few at Wrigley, but it seems to work better on the road. Then usually we have a guy from the other team come over, say hello. I usually make Rizzo go over and say hello because his personal deal. So that for me has been really, really fun to get to do that because, when I was going through stuff, I wanted to get out of the house. So to get them out of their house or out of their hospital room to come to a game has been a great experience.

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