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January 17, 2020

Bud Cauley

La Quinta, California

Q. Bogey-free. You dominated those par-5s. You got to feel pretty good about things.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, I do. I played well. I hit the ball solid, holed some nice putts, got up-and-down when I needed to. So, yeah, everything was pretty good.

Q. The eagle at 7 was nice.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, I mis-hit my 3-iron in there so I kind of had a long putt. And then just trying to lag it up there and get it close and it happened to fall in, so that was just a bonus for me.

Q. Yesterday 2-under on the par-5s. Today 5-under. 7-under for the two days. Is that the strategy when you play this event because the par-5s are all gettable?
BUD CAULEY: Sure, yeah, I mean, with how low the scores normally are out here you have to take advantage of the par-5s. It's hard to shoot that low without playing those holes well. So yeah, first and foremost, do that and then try to sneak in some other birdies when you can.

Q. I saw you last year and you were kind of getting back into it. You played some really good golf. Now you're a hundred percent healthy. You got to feel that maybe this is the year, right, to maybe breakthrough.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. I was joking with Chantel that it's a goal of mine just not to have surgery for a couple of years. So I had my knee scoped in the fall, so that's been a lot better. And it really is, I'm trying to stay healthy first and then focus on golf. And obviously feeling well and waking up in the morning and not having any aches and pains makes that a lot easier.

Q. You're a young guy, that has to feel good not to have any aches and pains.
BUD CAULEY: Exactly. After a few surgeries it's nice to -- I've done physical therapy I think the right way and recovered, so I don't have things that linger on and so, yeah, I feel good and I'm just excited to stay healthy and play golf.

Q. Are you going to Stevie Nicks tonight?
BUD CAULEY: I don't know, I might pass. I might go rest the legs and just get ready for tomorrow's round.

Q. Do you know who Stevie Nicks is?
BUD CAULEY: Can't tell you that I do (laughing) I know who Luke Bryan is (laughing).

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