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January 17, 2020

Chad Pfeifer

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. What was working for you today?
CHAD PFEIFER: Not much, honestly. No, the back nine I turned it around. I felt a lot more comfortable. Front nine was just -- I just got off to a bad start, had a couple kind of -- they weren't bad breaks, but just kind of misplayed. We thought we had the right club, and the wind got the better of us.

You know, 2, I stuck right behind a tree with this tree in my follow through. Actually hit it really good, hit it too good, and it ended up going off the back of the green and ended up going in the water. So that was kind of a bad deal.

Other than that, had a couple of just loose bogeys, and just pulled it together on the back nine and was kind of was in -- I won't say cruise control, but was just hitting -- playing my real game.

Q. It seems like you've gotten more comfortable out here playing with these guys, and it seems like your game's improved and tightened up a little bit. Have you been working on it?
CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, last year my swing was just all over the place. I was never really comfortable with it. This year I feel more comfortable with it. That's just the silly thing with golf. You can have it one day and lose it the next day. You know, Mark didn't really play all that bad, but he had a couple loose ones out there today. I'm sure he'll tell you it was the complete opposite of what he felt like yesterday.

I mean, the wind was -- it played a factor. It wasn't a huge one, but you always have to factor that in when you're swinging. There were some pretty good gusts out there today, so it made it interesting.

Q. So you got a couple holes out here that are your favorite so far that fit your game pretty well?
CHAD PFEIFER: I mean, I like the course. When I'm swinging how I'm supposed to, it sets up for me. So I really enjoy the course. They got it in great shape this year, which it is always. I've been playing 16 good, and I've played that good in the past, but that one actually of all of them kind of set up least to my game.

Q. Short par 4?
CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, the short one. I had a nice chip-in for eagle last year and birdied it both yesterday and today. I score well on it, but yeah. So there's a lot of fun holes out here.

Q. As far as the fans' reaction to you when you come through, we've seen the stuff with Salute to Service and whatnot, are you getting a pretty good -- what are you hearing out there from folks?
CHAD PFEIFER: People thank me for my service all the time, which is great, but I see a lot of Army and Marines and veteran hats. It's great to see a lot of veterans out here, and I'd like to thank them for their service and thank them for coming out. Yeah, it's fun. All the fans are polite and have a lot of fun. Especially the 18th, it's always a fun atmosphere. So it's always good.

Q. You're tied for the lead going into the weekend. What's going to be your game plan?
CHAD PFEIFER: Just stick to the game plan. Adam and I have a great time out here. We just try to have fun. Honestly, this is the fifth year, I think I've played in a Diamond Resorts tournament, and I have fun every year. It never gets old being out here and being around celebrities. These guys are amazing, and then adding the girls last year, it's a lot of fun because it's fun for me, and I know it is for some of the other guys, to just watch the girls hit. They're so smooth, and the ball still just goes. It's fun to watch them kind of pick apart the course.

Q. How are you feeling going into the weekend being tied for the lead? The first time you ever played in a celebrity event was out in Tahoe, and the first round you were the leader. You've played in a number of these events now, you're at the halfway point now, and you're in the lead. Any other pressure that you're feeling, or is it just, hey, let's go play?
CHAD PFEIFER: Not this year. I came into it, we got a good game plan together. Like 17 today, I could have gone for it, but I just stuck to the game plan and hit it up the right side and just about made birdie. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, keep having fun, and keep playing golf. Nobody is trying to blow me up or shoot at me, so life's pretty good.

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