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January 17, 2020

Sei Young Kim

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. 17th straight round under par. Your last round over par was round one of Shanghai.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah?

Q. Take me through what it's been like to keep it going -- week in, week out, tournament in, tournament out.
SEI YOUNG KIM: I've been -- shot condition and the putting and everything very consistent compared to beginning of the year -- I mean, last year. So that's the reason why I was able to no bogey until the 17th hole. So, yeah, I'm very happy with that.

Because normally my play style is not consistent, very aggressive. Sometimes I play a lot risky, but I play quite consistent. Yeah, that's what I want.

Q. Obviously, we always go back to CME because you won the biggest purse in women's professional golf. It's not the same purse this week, but when you're out on the course, do you have moments where you -- it's the most recent event, do you remind yourself of what it was like to win that and what you want to draw on keep continuing to win?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Whatever tournament it is, to me it's very important. Especially this tournament is a little bit extra fun, play with amateurs and celebrities. So it's a good chance to talk with athletes. This tournament is a very special time to me, so great memory in the future.

Q. You had Grant Hill and Roger Clemens today. What was it like playing with them?
SEI YOUNG KIM: They are so awesome. Really good personality, and Roger, he lives in Houston. So if I have a chance later, we could play together next time. Yeah, he's a really nice guy. He hits so long. Grant, he's really nice. His daughter plays Jujitsu. I play the Tae Kwon Do, so we talk conversations like that.

Q. Did you give him some advice for her?
SEI YOUNG KIM: No, he said his daughter keep trying like fight somebody, yeah.

Q. Just at random?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, just random.

Q. Did you find out, does she take classes?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Take classes?

Q. Yeah, does she take Jujitsu classes?
SEI YOUNG KIM: I do Tae Kwon Do, so just I don't know.

Q. A little different?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, a little different.

Q. When you can play with the celebrities and in this kind of environment, does it make things a little less stressful, especially come the weekend maybe?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Sometimes a little complicated, how to play, how to have attitude in this tournament because I really want to make the lead some days, but I want to make some fun with the celebrities. It's kind of complicated sometimes, but I just realize to enjoy being in the tournament, so yeah.

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