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January 16, 2020

Jason Dufner

La Quinta, California

Q. Give us a sense of the conditions, how scorable the Stadium Course was today.
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, it's pretty gettable so far this week. Usually the weather's great here, the last couple of years we had some rain, but after last week being at the Sony Open I'm excited to not be in the rain. It's a pretty good start to the week.

Q. Talk about the approach shot into the 2nd.
JASON DUFNER: I had a good number. A little cold this morning, 132 yards, just was nice, full pitching wedge. I was in the first cut so it could release a little bit. So it was nice to take advantage of that. We don't get perfect numbers very often, people think we do all the time, but I'm still trying to hit irons to numbers with the conditions. But that one worked out and was a good start to the day.

Q. So like 5-under, no bogeys, perfect round of golf. Obviously you hit it really close, I saw you had a lot of opportunities. What do you work on this afternoon?
JASON DUFNER: Not much, really. Rest and recover. I'm 42 years old, a little tired after the round. And one of my big goals this year is to kind of cut the practice out starting on Thursday, be competitive, go with what you got and just have that recovery stage. I got a little bit early tee time tomorrow, so I'll take the next 16, 17 hours to get ready and make sure my body's ready to go tomorrow.

Q. How is it getting in at the end of the round and finding this guy here asking you some of the questions?
JASON DUFNER: We have been friendly over the years, but, yeah, he knows golf, so he should be fit the role well and understand what's going on with our players. I think that's a key element to this side of things, you kind of know what's going on out there, so I think that he'll give some good insight and hopefully he'll be nice to us most of the time. You know how hard it is.

Q. I understand how hard it is. I can tell you what, it can be a little harder on this side, because you got no idea what you're doing on this side, I got no clue. At least I had some clue what I was doing out there.
JASON DUFNER: You'll figure it out. But the nice thing is there's no cut, so at least you got paid no matter how you do. (Laughing).

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