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January 16, 2020

Deron Williams

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Deron, tell us about your early tee time and where you are in the standings right now, how they relate to how you feel.
DERON WILLIAMS: I feel good. I got out there early, kind of away from all the hoopla, and was able to play a pretty solid round. I was on top of the leaderboard for a little bit even though I knew it probably wasn't going to stick with all those heavy hitters coming through later morning rounds. Overall, I'm definitely happy with my personal performance and where I'm sitting.

Q. What's it like being under the radar?
DERON WILLIAMS: It's good. I think it's good. I was a little surprised when I saw the odds. I was like 300-to-1. I was trying to find out where I could money on myself. I couldn't find anything.

Q. So when did you pick up golf? Is this something that's a hobby? Is this something that you're passionate about?
DERON WILLIAMS: I'm very passionate. I've been playing for probably 12 years, but probably the last 7 pretty seriously. And since I've been done playing basketball -- this will be my third season -- but the last two years I've just played in a lot of tournaments, different tournaments and little PGA events, Texas PGA mini series. I've played in the Utah Open, the Pro Bowl Open, tried to qualify for a number of things. Played in the State Mid-Am in Texas. You just try to play in as many tournaments as possible and get that experience for tournaments like this especially.

Q. And what about the course was specifically challenging today?
DERON WILLIAMS: I think just going off in the morning is tough. The toughest thing about that is just how wet it is, how wet the conditions are in the morning. Then it's a little colder, a little muggier, and seems like the ball is not flying. So I think it's just kind of trying to judge those things. Then as things dry up, adapt as well.

Q. Last question for you. What do you say to those odds makers?
DERON WILLIAMS: What do I say to them? Just let me know where to bet next time you do that.

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