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January 16, 2020

Gaby Lopez

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Gaby, nice bogey-free first round, not only to start the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions, but to kick off 2020 for you. That had to feel pretty good.
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, I was feeling comfortable. I love the golf course. I like the tournament. I'm so happy that Diamond Resorts and so many sponsors are willing to kind of reward the champions from the past two years. This is very nice for them to do it. Florida is a great place to start the year.

Q. How's the atmosphere like when you're out there competing with celebrities? Does it make your game just that much better, or does it get down sometimes maybe because it's so relaxed?
GABY LOPEZ: No, I like it. I think being able to learn from so many athletes and so many singers and so many other personalities that we don't get to see as close on any other day, I think it's very, very special to do it and just learn from them, from their experiences, being able to ask them how they react under pressure in their own sport or their particular scenario. So I think it's a really fun event. I like it. I think it's something different that we get to do. Anything different off the normal basis, I'm happy with it.

Q. Did you know much about NASCAR coming in, or did you learn a lot from Michael Waltrip and Denny Hamlin on the course today?
GABY LOPEZ: It was so fun getting to know them. Both of them, they're great personalities. They're great fans of golf. They're big celebrities. They're so nice to the people around them. They're always signing autographs. Yeah, I learned a lot. I learned they compete around 38 weeks a year, and I complain about sometimes playing 28.

So, no, I think it's great to be able to share experiences, to be able to share moments that we all have in our particular sport.

Q. Great start obviously to the tournament itself. How special is it to compete against the LPGA's best, the champions from the past two years, and be in contention after one round?
GABY LOPEZ: It's an honor. To be able to share the golf course with past champions and be able to kind of believe that you're one of them, it just brings more momentum to the whole field being able to share everything with anyone -- past champions, celebrities, concerts, fans around -- I think it's an awesome way to start the year. I love it here.

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