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January 16, 2020

Marina Alex

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Good start to the year obviously.
MARINA ALEX: Yeah, I know.

Q. That has to feel good to get off on the right foot.

Q. Does that ever -- just that feeling of starting like this, to start the season?
MARINA ALEX: I know. I was hitting it a little weird for the first four or five holes and had some bad putts. I was like, oh, man, we've got a lot of rust. Things were not feeling that good. My goal for the day -- I made a bad bogey my third hole, and I was like, let's just try and shoot even if it's 1 under par. That would be a nice start. Then I made a couple of nice putts and kind of got it going and started to feel like we were back in season again. It's just hard getting started.

Q. How about the off-season? What did you do? What did you focus on?
MARINA ALEX: Not a lot. I had some downtime. Off-season feels like it keeps getting shorter and shorter. Good just to be at home and not traveling all over the place -- working out with my trainer, working out with my swing, just the basic stuff. Simple.

Q. Who did you play with today?
MARINA ALEX: I played with Michael Pena and Maurice Allen. We had a great time. Pena's game is great. I was like really impressed. He's awesome. And Maurice hit some unbelievably long drives. On hole number -- so we started on the back. Number 4 on the front side, he lost one, and then he re-teed again and drove it on the green. The hole is like 405 yards -- well, what it says in the yardage book. Like not exaggerating, had to have carried it 380, like literally. 20 feet downhill, drained it for par.

Q. Oh, my.
MARINA ALEX: The whole day was just kind of fun like that.

Q. Have you ever seen a par like that?
MARINA ALEX: No, never. That was the most ridiculous par I've ever seen in my life.

Q. Did Pena pull out a few lines? Have you seen some of his movies?
MARINA ALEX: I have. He's funny, quick witted. He had some good things to say. We just talked about shows that I watch, shows that he watches. He loves golf. He's really into it, takes lessons, like uses TrackMan. He really understands the game. So we talked golf for a bit. It's cool. There's so many guys out here -- you know, other guys that I've played practice rounds with and played with last year that really like love understanding the technical components and really take it seriously. So it's nice, very respectful of the game.

Q. Is there something, when you go up against these celebrities but they're professionals in their own right --
MARINA ALEX: For sure.

Q. Is it something to where you maybe try to just show how professional the game of women's golf is to them?
MARINA ALEX: Absolutely. This is a different tournament and environment all together. When we're out there playing on our own, we may not be super chatty or whatever, but this is a great opportunity for us to show them who we are as a Tour and as people. Like me, I want to talk to all of them. I want to pick their brain. I want to hear about what they do. There's a lot of overlaps in everyone's professions -- the grind, the mentality, how you get to where you are. Even though acting is completely different than golfing, but there are a lot of parallels, like how you get from one step to the next. So it's cool.

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