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January 15, 2020

Mark Mulder

Reggie Jackson

Tim Wakefield

Derek Lowe

Greg Maddux

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. We're doing a survey with the Major Leaguers about who they think is going to get into the Hall of Fame.
MARK MULDER: All right. Let's see.

Well, obviously, Jeter is going to get in. I would like to see Scott Rolen get in. I doubt he will. Larry Walker I think should be in. I do believe Curt Schilling should be in. And then it depends whether you're the one who questions the steroids or not. Then you have Clemens, and you have Manny, and you have --

Q. Bonds?
MARK MULDER: Barry. So it depends what side of the fence you're on with that. So that would be it.

Q. Do you think they will or not?
MARK MULDER: I don't foresee it.

Q. Last year I talked to you and got a quote about who you think should be in the Hall of Fame.

Q. There's the list of guys. We're doing a survey for the tournament. I've asked a bunch of guys, who do you think is going to get in?
REGGIE JACKSON: Who do you think is going to get in, or who do you think should get in? That's a different question.

Q. I would love to have both, quite frankly, because last year you gave us an opinion that Bonds and Clemens should be in.
REGGIE JACKSON: This is the list here?

Q. That's the list of nominees that are there now. So tell me who you think should get in, and then you can say who you think will get in.
REGGIE JACKSON: I think Rocket should get in, Jeter. I think Jeff Kent should be in. I think Andy Pettitte should be in. Manny got caught doing the Roids. Curt Schilling should be in. Sheffield should be in. Sammy probably should be in. Larry Walker should be in. I think Larry Walker gets in this time.

If you're going to talk about who should be in -- I did mention it that way because of other guys that have been suspected of steroids or PEDs are in. There are several that are in. So Bonds has never tested positive. He should be in. Clemens has not tested positive. He should be in. Jeff Kent should just be in. They just don't like him. Andy Pettitte admitted PEDs. He should be in. Manny got caught, so he doesn't get in. Sheffield is associated with Bonds, but that's kept him out, and he should be in. Sammy never tested. It's pretty obvious that he did something, but he didn't get a positive test.

Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer, and they don't have Fred McGriff on here, and Freddy McGriff is a Hall of Famer.

Q. Who do you think is getting in the Hall of Fame? Here's the list. That's the ballot.
TIM WAKEFIELD: I think Gary Sheffield, Larry Walker, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, Todd Helton. One more, right?

Q. I think that's four or five. How many get in? Five? They've got to get 80 percent of the vote, isn't it?
TIM WAKEFIELD: I'm going to say Raul Ibanez.

Q. Who do you think will get into the Hall of Fame this year?
DEREK LOWE: Jeter, duh. I don't understand why Jeff Kent doesn't get more love.

Q. Reggie said because they don't like him.
DEREK LOWE: Who I think -- see, I believe Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in. Schilling is sure getting close, but I'm not really giving you too many givens. Jeter -- who else we got? That's it.

I mean, I could go with Sammy Sosa. They're never going to get in, these poor guys, are they? They're never going to get in (laughter). I don't understand it.

Q. Who do you think will get into the Hall of Fame this year?
GREG MADDUX: I would say probably over time Bonds and Clemens.

Q. Who do you think is getting in this time?
GREG MADDUX: I would like to see Andruw Jones get in.

Q. I'm sure you would.
GREG MADDUX: Omar Vizquel. Oh, Jeter, I didn't even see him. Yeah, 100 percent Jeter. Jeter might get unanimous percent, like his teammate did.

I'm rooting hard for Andruw and Rafael Furcal, good teammates. I know they made us look good as pitchers, incredible defensive players. Jeter is the only one I could see totally.

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