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January 15, 2020

Reggie Jackson

Tim Wakefield

Derek Lowe

Greg Maddux

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. What are your thoughts on the current situation with the Houston Astros?
REGGIE JACKSON: I think Major League Baseball gave out the right penalty. If anything, it could have gone a little tougher. I think the owner did what he had to do. I think there's punishment, along with the suspensions, that you bear as well, that you bear and you wear.

Q. So you think it was appropriate then?
REGGIE JACKSON: I thought so. I thought it was a very tough decision to figure out what was the thing to do, but Rob Manfred gets input from people around him. He makes the decision, and he wanted it to be severe. So he has a cadre of trusted advisers, and I think they did the right thing.

Q. I'm also asking about the decision on the Astros. What's your feeling as far as the cheating issue?
TIM WAKEFIELD: I think it's unfortunate. It puts a really big black eye on our league, but Major League Baseball handed down the first suspensions. I hate to see people lose their jobs over this. That's the disappointing part because I know A.J. probably knew what was going on or he probably condoned it, but, again, he's trying to manage every single game. If it works for them, great. If not, then whatever.

You still -- even if a hitter knows what's coming, you're still only going to hit it 3 out of 10 times, so there's no guarantee they're going to hit a homer, but it's a pure advantage for sure knowing the off-speed is coming, and unfortunately, using electronic devices, I don't think it's right.

Q. Let me ask you this. As far as the big controversy and issues with the Astros and the cheating, what's your take on that for baseball?
DEREK LOWE: It's obviously not good for baseball, to be honest, but this has been going on for years and years and years. It's just now coming to light. I mean, like I'm hoping these guys get jobs again. To get fired and to have a lifetime ban for something that pretty much every team does it to some extent, but I understand it looks bad for baseball. Stealing signs from the second baseman is part of the game for everyone, but you start using technology, I think that's where it crosses the line.

Q. I'm asking the guys about the recent deal with the Astros. What's your take on that?
GREG MADDUX: I'm not 100 percent sure -- I mean, they got caught cheating, right?

Q. They got caught using technology to steal signs.
GREG MADDUX: Yeah, that's bad. If you can get them from the pitcher or the catcher, that's one thing. But to get them off the TV -- yeah, it's taking it a little too far for me. That's disrespecting the game.

Q. Do you think baseball made the right decision then as far as the suspensions?
GREG MADDUX: Yeah. They've got to penalize them for something. The game's too good to do that to it, you know what I mean? If the pitcher is tipping pitches or you're picking them up from the third base coach, I get it. That's just good gamesmanship.

Q. That's part of the game.
GREG MADDUX: That's not cheating.

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