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January 14, 2020

Joe Carter

John Hart

David Wells

Josh Donaldson

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. What's your impression of the current situation with the Astros? As far as moving forward, what do you think?
JOE CARTER: The situation is the ethics of the game. There are ways you go about getting signs throughout the game where it's legal, where you're doing things, as far as a player on the field, but when you start using equipment, when you start using cameras, then you've crossed the line. It takes away from the integrity of the game. What's happened to them is an example because I think, if you ask a few more people, I think a lot of teams do it right now.

Q. John, what do you think?
JOHN HART: I think a lot like Joe, that the integrity of the game was definitely in question. I think at the end, I think Major League Baseball got it right. Technology has come at such a rapid pace, and it's been difficult to find a way to manage it, if you will.

I think the commissioner did everything he could. I think he sent the right message there, and I think at the end it was a tough day for baseball, but at the end, I think it's the right thing. I think it's going to make it better as we go forward, especially in dealing with technology.

Q. David Wells?
DAVID WELLS: Joe and John are spot on. As a pitcher's standpoint, it's tough for us because these guys are on every pitch. I was talking with Joe and his brother Fred this morning about with the signs. If they know what's coming and they're on every pitch, it's tough for me. So it's a matter of them -- you know, if they know it's coming and they swing too quick or they're not ready for it, it's another thing, but when you're on every pitch, it makes it a short day for a pitcher.

So what they did for the punishment, spot on. They could have got a little harsh, but you know what, it sets the tone, sets the precedent for that. So hopefully, like Joe said, nobody else gets caught, and this game can be a cleaner game because we already went through it with the PEDs. So now it's the cameras and all that.

Q. We're getting reaction from different ballplayers about the Astros decision that just came down, as far as what's this mean for baseball, integrity of the game, et cetera. I was wondering what your thoughts are.
JOSH DONALDSON: What my thoughts are, they've already corrected what's going on anyhow. I felt like last year they'd already implemented a system to where you couldn't do that or wouldn't be able to do that. So it's not something I feel is relevant in today's game, but obviously they found stuff that was implicating the Astros and whoever's involved. To me, it seems like it's a pretty tough outcome for the people that are involved, but for the very limited knowledge I have on it, it seems to be like Major League Baseball stepped up.

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