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January 14, 2020

Kevin Millar

Phil Nevin

Mark DeRosa

Brian McCann

Joe Carter

David Wells

John Hart

Josh Donaldson

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

KEVIN MILLAR: Are you talking about this year?

Q. Right now, 2020. Who do you think is going to get in the Hall of Fame?

Q. Who else?
PHIL NEVIN: I'm off the ballot now.

KEVIN MILLAR: I mean, there's really no one, but Larry Walker would be the only other maybe.

Q. We've got Kevin Millar weighing in on this. Who are you picking now?
KEVIN MILLAR: I think Derek Jeter is pretty much slam dunk on this list. I think Jeter is a slam dunk. Guys like Larry Walker, they were Hall of Famers when they played with us. Huh, Phil Nevin?

Q. Phil, who are you picking?
KEVIN MILLAR: You're off the ballot, and I'm off the ballot. Who are you picking for this year's ballot?

PHIL NEVIN: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, Jeff Kent.

KEVIN MILLAR: Manny Ramirez?

PHIL NEVIN: Manny Ramirez.

KEVIN MILLAR: Curt Schilling.

PHIL NEVIN: Larry Walker for sure, Billy Wagner.

Q. We've got Mark DeRosa weighing in now with his Hall of Fame picks.
MARK DeROSA: Derek Jeter is a no brainer. Larry Walker for me is a no brainer. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds for me, I think they've got to be in, so those four. Helton's interesting. Jeff Kent is always interesting to me. He's got the most home runs of a second baseman. Andruw is the best defensive player maybe of all time. I think people have to look at his numbers.

Q. Who are you talking about?
MARK DeROSA: Andruw Jones. Billy Wagner's got huge numbers too. If Trevor Hoffman gets in because of over 600 saves, Billy Wagner was just as dominant at his prime.

Q. Brian McCann with his Hall of Fame picks. There's the list. If you were voting, who would you pick?
BRIAN McCANN: Derek Jeter, Andruw Jones, Billy Wagner, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds.

Q. Pretty good. He's still thinking.
BRIAN McCANN: Larry Walker.

JOE CARTER: I've got to take a look at this now.

Q. We've got Joe Carter about to make his picks.
JOE CARTER: First person, Jeter may have a chance to get in. He may get like 6 percent of the votes, but at least he'll be on (laughter). No, Derek Jeter, he's definitely a Hall of Famer in everybody's book.

Let's see. Another guy I'd love to see get in, especially with Canada ties, is Larry Walker. I think what he has done has been tremendous.

I played with Barry, and you know the steroid issue is going to follow him for a long time, but if you think about Barry before all this hit, I mean, he was still in the club by himself -- 400 home runs, 400 stolen bases, a club nobody's in. So eventually, I think he will get in. He and Clemens eventually will get in, but I think the only for sure one right now is Derek Jeter.

Q. We've got David Wells talking about his Hall of Fame picks now.
DAVID WELLS: Derek Jeter for sure. Larry Walker definitely. Dang, I'd love to pull for my boys, but I just -- if I'm going to be honest about this, it's going to be -- even though Todd Helton played in Colorado, still had to play -- I'm going to stick with those three. How many have we got?

Q. As many as you want. I don't know how many you get. You can pick five or six, can't you?
DAVID WELLS: Billy Wagner, there you go.

Q. John Hart, as you look at this Hall of Fame nominee list, who would you vote for?
JOHN HART: I think the obvious and potentially unanimous is Derek Jeter, no question. I had Omar Vizquel for a long time. He may not be the most popular guy. I think at some point he's going to get in. I'm not sure this is the year for him. Again, you look at some of the -- like the one guy that kind of jumps out to me is Curt Schilling. He had a really good run there in his postseason, just phenomenal. I think at some point he's a guy that's going to get a lot of consideration. I'm looking at Jeter, Schilling -- Omar Vizquel is probably my sentimental favorite.

You got the PED guys -- Bonds, Clemens -- Roger. I loved them both as players before all of this came out. I just don't know that the voters are going to put them in. I would probably look at it, if I had to choose two guys, I would go with Derek and Schilling.

JOSH DONALDSON: This is Josh Donaldson. My Hall of Fame vote would go to Barry Bonds. I would go with Jeff Kent, Derek Jeter. I would go with -- let's see here. I would go with Manny Ramirez, and I would go with probably Gary Sheffield.

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