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January 13, 2020

Ed Orgeron

New Orleans, Louisiana

LSU 42, Clemson 25

Q. Ed, everything you've been through, all it took to get here, when you look up and you see that confetti fall, what goes through you?
ED ORGERON: Well, happy for the team. This is about our team, this is about our coaching staff, about everybody wearing the purple and gold in the great state of Louisiana. I'm just so happy for everybody.

Q. Down for the first time all season by double digits, you come back. What did you learn about this group tonight, seventh win against a top-10 team?
ED ORGERON: Character, integrity, great players, great coaching stiff, will to win.

Q. Joe Burrow stood up on that Heisman stage and concluded his speech by all you mean to him. What does he mean to you?
ED ORGERON: The world. He's one of the greatest players in LSU history. He's on a soapbox for the state of Louisiana and LSU. We are so grateful for Joe Burrow.

Q. Finally, this team's motto, one team, one heartbeat. What does this night, this season mean to the heart of Louisiana from someone from here who represents it?
ED ORGERON: That's what it's all about. I grew up wanting to be the head coach of LSU. I'm so proud of the state of Louisiana. We've had support from the governor, from the President, from everybody that loves LSU. I'm just so happy for the people from Louisiana. But you've got to give the credit to the football team. They've been working for one year. They deserve this day.

Geaux Tigers!

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