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January 12, 2020

Pablo Carreno Busta

Feliciano Lopez

Francisco Roig

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-3, 6-4

Team Serbia - 2

Team Spain - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pablo and Feliciano, obviously a tough night, but can you talk about the match? You had momentum early and kind of how it changed?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: I think Pablo and I played well. We started to have a very good start of the match. Unfortunately, we got broken at 3-2, and I think after that break everything was a little bit different.

They went through a very good momentum right after that break. I think we played a good match overall, honestly, I think so. I think Novak was playing great. Viktor also hit a couple good shots in two or three moments that I think that was very deciding.

I'm happy overall with our match, to be honest. This is tennis. We knew that with this format with the no ad things can turn around very quick, and this is what happened, no? We lost five times the deuce point. We didn't take one of these opportunities, and I think this not winning one of them was a big penalty for us today.

Q. Francisco, can you share your thoughts on the night overall?
FRANCISCO ROIG: Well, we knew it was going to be a tough final. They have a great team. We also have a great team. Probably the doubles can decide the tie. Was like that.

Roberto played as he played all the tournament, played great. I mean, in the beginning he had not tough matches. Sometimes this can make you not to feel really into the tournament, but yesterday he played Nick and today also against Dusan who has played very good these days. Both days he played great.

And then Rafa, we knew he had a tough match against Novak. Novak played two great matches against Shapo and Medvedev. I think winning these two matches gave him a lot of confidence on these courts, get used to the balls, to the atmosphere.

In another point, we arrive here very tough conditions for us. For him especially, because we know that with the humidity for him, everything gets more complicated. He's sweating a lot, losing a lot of energy.

First day against David Goffin was tough. It was very humid. He had to play doubles after. Tough tie, and for him he lost a lot of energy.

Today against Novak you need to be 100%. Also against de Minaur he had very tough match. Alex was playing really good tennis, especially at the beginning. Rafa could turn the match pretty good.

But today he had Novak in front, and he was playing a great match. Rafa could make a little bit change in the second set. It looks like he can turn on the match, but at the end, again, Novak served pretty good.

And then we arrive to the doubles where we had to decide if we put Rafa or not, but we spoke before with him. He was really tired with not too much energy, and these two guys, they still played a great match so we believed in them. We have a great team.

Other times it works. Today the opponents were better. So we have to congratulate the Serbian team, but we have to be proud of this team, also.

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