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January 12, 2020

Madison Keys

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-4, 4-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Tough match. Obviously very tight down to the end. Where do you think there was a difference between you two, if any?
MADISON KEYS: I mean, honestly, I think it was a few points here and there. I think I had a few opportunities to break earlier in the first and second and didn't convert. She served really well both times. And then third set, I think there were just a few points here or there that I maybe didn't play the point perfectly, but all in all it was a really close match.

Q. I think we were surprised when we were looking that you two hadn't played each other before considering how long you've both been near the top of the game. Was there any surprise in having played her for the first time after, I'm sure you've watched her a lot, did anything surprise you from actually the in-person Pliskova experience?
MADISON KEYS: I think the biggest thing is I think she actually, she anticipates really well. So even if you wouldn't say that movement is her strength, she covers the court really well, and I think that starts kind of making you try to go for it a little bit more. So I was definitely impressed by that today.

Q. How hard was it to back up after such, I suppose an intense semi-final yesterday, a grueling semi-final in those conditions? Was it a challenge and does that stand you in good status, I suppose for a fortnight's time?
MADISON KEYS: It's always tough to play multiple matches back-to-back and yesterday was obviously hot and humid, so, and long, so it's definitely something that's a bit of a challenge. But she played even longer than I did against another really great player, so I think we were both in the same boat.

Q. Late in that third set you had a quick talk with Nacho. What did he kind of tell you? Because it seemed like he was able to, you were frustrated at the time going into it and then you came out and played really well after that.
MADISON KEYS: He just said that I was still in it and not to get discouraged and just try to make as many returns as I could and just try to start every point and not make any quick errors.

Q. Just, can you just evaluate your performance over the week? I assume result aside that you have to be pretty pleased with the level that you were able to sustain. And also, just the last two matches I've noticed the composure. When were you down a set and a break, it seemed like you were, yeah, calm and just really focused.
MADISON KEYS: I'm definitely pretty happy with how this week went. I don't think I played amazing tennis today and I was still right in that match, so a lot of very positive things to take away. I was definitely very happy with, in tight, tense moments just totally keeping my cool and moving on to the next point. So there's definitely a lot of positive things coming out of this week.

Q. I really like your sweatshirt, by the way.
MADISON KEYS: Thank you.

Q. I'm curious, Serena won Auckland today, so this is like her fourth different decade winning a title in now. I'm curious what you make -- obviously, you're friendly with Serena, what you make of what she's been able to do and what she can still do in the future.
MADISON KEYS: I think it's truly incredible that she's still at the top of the game so many years later. I have gotten to play her a few times and been on the losing end every time. She's just, she's so good. She has everything and when you're playing her and you feel like you're playing some of your best tennis, she just has another level. And the ability to do that year after year after year is just incredible.

Q. Do you think she can win a Grand Slam this year?
MADISON KEYS: I mean, she's been in multiple finals. I don't think anyone is thinking that she can't.

Q. Provided it's all the same next year, do you plan to come back here again and prepare for the Australian Open again in this same way?
MADISON KEYS: A hundred percent. I love coming to Brisbane and it's always the first thing that I think about when starting my schedule. It's pretty much not even a thought. I just automatically come.

Q. You've had experience of winning titles right before majors, so Cincinnati, Eastbourne, that sort of situation. What is the, both the benefit and the challenge of having a really good solid run before a major, and what have you learned kind of over time in terms of how to manage expectations, physicality, all that sort of stuff?
MADISON KEYS: I think, obviously, it's great because you're playing some really good tennis going into some of the biggest tournaments and you start getting that confidence and those extra matches and figuring out tricky situations. You definitely have to manage your expectations, because coming off of a good week and a good win you tend to expect a little bit more of yourself. So just kind of balancing the, it's a new tournament, let me reset my expectations, but also being able to use that confidence from the week before.

Q. Do you go straight to Melbourne from here? Any thoughts on what you want to do in the time between now and whenever your first round might be?
MADISON KEYS: I'll probably go from the hotel to the courts to the hotel to dinner back to the hotel back to the courts (laughing).

I feel like there's a week, but it always goes so fast that I'll blink and all of a sudden it will be Sunday night before the first round. Hopefully I can squeeze in something of fun, but I'll probably spend a lot of hours at the court.

Q. Do you have a favorite place to eat or thing to do in Melbourne? You've been there a bunch now.
MADISON KEYS: Favorite thing? I finally went to St. Kilda's Beach last year, so maybe I'll do that again. I don't know, I just really like the city and I like walking around and trying different restaurants and just kind of chilling in Melbourne.

Q. So you said you want to come back to Brisbane next year, but they had some talk about making WTA Cup in the future. So do you prefer having that kind of team competition or staying it like this way?
MADISON KEYS: I definitely like the idea of adding a team event to the schedule. No, I'm definitely biased as having a good week in Brisbane. I want it to stay the same. But honestly, I think no matter what it will be great and Australia loves tennis, so just being able to come and get to compete in front of all of these amazing tennis fans is always fun.

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