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January 12, 2020

Su-Wei Hsieh

Barbora Strycova

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

HSIEH, STRYCOVA/Barty, Bertens

3-6, 7-6, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Congratulations. Very tough match. But talk through for the -- I guess I'll direct this to you Barbora -- talk through the match a little bit in terms of what do you think made the difference in the end, because it was very equal.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Well, I thought the whole match we were playing good, but at the beginning they were really stepping it up and I lost, I was the first one who lost the serve. But then we both knew that we had chances on Ash's serve as well, so we tried to just hang in the match. And then we kind of felt that we will get the chance and it happened on Kiki's serve at the second set. So we broke her there, but then they broke us back. But it was a really entertaining match for, also for us and I hope that, I mean, I could feel that the people enjoyed it a lot. And I was very surprised that so many people came today -- well, not surprised. Ash was playing. But every day was a lot of people and it was a lot of fun to play.

Q. I was going to say the crowd support and just the crowd itself was massive. That must have made it extra fun. What was the atmosphere like on the court, Su-Wei? Just what was the atmosphere like on the court with the crowd, because sometimes the doubles finals don't get a crowd like that.
SU-WEI HSIEH: I mean, the Australian crowd for the doubles, it was amazing, so I'm very happy to be in the final and the semi-final, even the match before, the crowd was really good too. So I appreciate it and thank you so much for all the fans coming to cheer for the doubles.

Q. What was going through your mind when you turned and flexed after those two points?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Well, I wasn't sure -- first of all, I wasn't sure that it was twice bounced. But then I look right to the ref, and he was like, yeah, yeah, and I'm like, yeah, good, we won. But it was kind of everything was so fast and also the match point how she, Su-Wei, was playing was amazing because she had to react twice for ball, like, I thought, okay, we're going to lose it, it's going to go to 9-9. But then I was very happy and relieved because she was amazing not just at that point, but she was playing really good match today. We both were playing really good.

Q. What is it like playing a doubles final that has four players on court who are all going to be seeded in Melbourne? It's a pretty high-level match. How different is it with singles players all on the court?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I was thinking about it when we were warming up in the gym. We are all playing in Adelaide and we are still here playing. Well, I like to see this, because it's nice that singles players are playing more doubles. And it's also good for the tour and for the people, because doubles can be really enjoyable and exciting for the people. So, yes, it's nice, and we, it's just like tough if you win the match like today or a tournament like this that you have to rush to go to the airport and you have to rush to get to Adelaide and kind of like, yeah, it's the past and you have to focus on another one.

Q. How do you think the week and a half worked with the Brisbane International and the ATP Cup? Do you think it worked well together?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Oh, you can answer it.

SU-WEI HSIEH: I think it's quite fun when the guys, they play here and there was a lot of crowds. It was a quite huge crowd when the boys played because we even can hear from the outside court. So why not, if they bring more fans and people are enjoying it and we're enjoying it, it's no problem, everyone is happy.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: Yeah, I don't know. It wasn't really, it was tough to play outside courts when the guys were playing because of course the guys would be playing a tournament here also the crowd would be loud. But it's totally different. This is a team competition so they are screaming and the fans are going crazy, so it was a little bit disturbing, I have to say. And it was just not, I'm not the only one who is saying that, there's a lot of girls were saying it in the locker room. But, yeah, it's how it is. Maybe it can, they can think about to put it on a different city, because Perth, they had no tournament there, Sydney, there was no tournament, just here. Yeah.

Q. What about a WTA Cup in the future? Would you like that?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I actually didn't know that it's going to happen, but I was reading a newspaper two days ago that it's going to happen. I don't know if it's for sure or not. If yes, then, I don't know. I am a player who was playing a lot of Fed Cup and to imagine that, yeah, I can't say anything for this one yet.

Q. How does it feel to kind of pick up where you both left off in terms of having such a great 2019 season, and then see each other again here in Brisbane and walk away with the title?
SU-WEI HSIEH: I think we win this tournament and normally I don't play very good in Brisbane, so I'm very happy. Barbora was helping to win this title, yeah.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: But it's also good to start the year like that and you never know what to expect when you have one month off, and we actually didn't really practice with each other. So you can, it's good to go for Melbourne with such a win like this and to beat players like we did today.

Q. And then, Hsieh Su-Wei, in the second set you won a couple of points from the baseline against Kiki and Ash and you turned around and flexed like this (Indicating).
SU-WEI HSIEH: Also like this (Indicating).

Q. Oh, big one. So what was going on in your mind and why did you do that?
SU-WEI HSIEH: You know, they are singles player and they hit every shot very big. So I was thinking, okay, I need to hit it hard, and then when I win the ball, I'm like, nnmmmh, I hit hard (laughing).

BARBORA STRYCOVA: You did hit hard, actually.

SU-WEI HSIEH: Yeah, it was great.

Q. I'm curious, I'm doing a story also on her today, Serena is in a final in Auckland today. I'm curious if you think it would mean anything for the tour if she wins her first title in three years it would be.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: If that will mean something?

Q. If it signals anything. I don't know, she's been, she's still in the Top-10 already now, but if it means anything if she wins a title in a fourth decade for her now.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Well, yeah, if she wins this tournament, it's amazing what she actually achieve, like, in, I don't want to say in her age, but she is older than a lot of players, so it's unbelievable to see that, that she can still play on such the highest level and she's still competing to win the Grand Slams and she was already in last year three in finals, right?

Q. Two.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Two. So, yeah, it's good.

Q. You too? Do you agree?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Do you agree with me?


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