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January 12, 2020

Lanto Griffin

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Guessing you would like to bottle up that 18th hole and carry it around with you all the year.
LANTO GRIFFIN: Yeah. I walked off and I told Sam, I'm more under on 18 than I am for the week. No, that hole was playing easy.

It was a good final round. Didn't get off to a great start, but battled pretty good. First three days I didn't felt look I got many good breaks. Just felt look I was playing way better than my scores, and then today I got a couple good breaks to keep the round going.

Pretty happy to leave Hawaii with a 64.

Q. Speaking of the first hole when you had bogey and then like you said you weren't getting breaks earlier in the week, what did turn it around for you today?
LANTO GRIFFIN: I mean, I haven't had a swing thought for both weeks here in Hawaii. I've been keeping it really simple. I found something in my putting after the second day. My speed has been really bad in Maui and the first two days here, and that clicked and I started rolling it really well.

Other than that, I hit it better the first three days than I did today. Obviously it's raining and not the easiest conditions. Basically just stayed patient and got a few good breaks and took advantage of it.

Q. Pretty much put the ball dead on with the pin in the middle of the green on the last hole. In conditions like this, are you going more for greens or more the...
LANTO GRIFFIN: Depends on the hole. Depends on the wind. There on 9 I really just wanted to get it in the middle of the green. I know my speed and I've been putting well. I just didn't want to -- it's tough chipping out. It's really wet bermuda, so it's tough if you miss a green.

So that was the game plan. Middle of the green. If the wind blows it right, great, but I a really good 6-iron and birdie was the goal there.

Q. A nice way to end the round and the day and the week.
LANTO GRIFFIN: Yeah, absolutely. I've very happy with it. It will make that 14-hour flight home feel a little bit better.

Q. Talk about the stretch that you've had. It's eight top 20 finishes in ten starts. Talk about how good it feels.
LANTO GRIFFIN: Yeah, it's nice. It's funny how your mind -- you goals keep changing. If I had finished 30th today it would have been all right, but two years ago if I finished 30th I would've been really happy.

My expectations are a lot higher, but I'm very focused. I worked really hard in the off-season. Didn't really take much time off. Yeah, just kind of figuring out what works for me and I need to do to play well and not trying to beat somebody else like I had for the last eight to ten years.

It's just carried over from the Korn Ferry Tour last year. I haven't changed anything, and it's been clicking. Just going to ride it.

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