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January 11, 2020

Corentin Moutet

Doha, Qatar

A. RUBLEV/C. Moutet

6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. It's still a very good week for you. What are your positive takeaways from your week here?
CORENTIN MOUTET: The way I control my mind during all the week, maybe not today too much, but the other day was really good. I did a lot of improvement on this side.

And, of course, I did a lot of work to be able to do that this week. But I think I need to continue to work because, as I said, today wasn't good enough. So there is still a long way and a lot of work to do. But I'm happy a little bit (smiling).

Q. You've done well during this week. You came in as a qualifier. You've lasted till the final. Do you see yourself as one of the contenders in future tournaments during the season or in the coming years? How would you rate yourself? Do you see a lot of improvements in your game this week, or do you think you have to work a lot more in the future?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I think both. I think I did some good stuff, but it's still not enough. It will never be enough, I think. I always have to work more and more because all the other guys are working as well.

So, yeah, if I want to keep my level and improve my level -- because I'm still not on top. I'm really far away from the top at the moment. So I think I still need to improve my game. And physically and in my mind, I still need to work hard on it to be able to compete with all the top guys in the future.

But, yeah, I'll try to do my best in the tournament in the future, but let's see. I will not be a top guy for the moment. I need to become a top guy.

Q. If you could play this match again, this final, what would you have done differently?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I don't know. Maybe pay someone to knock on the door of my opponent so he can't sleep the night before? (Smiling.) No. I don't know.

He played a good game. He was better than me of course in all the part of the game today. If I will change something, maybe -- I don't know -- I will try to be more focused. Yeah, that's the only thing I could do better today.

Q. I just want to say congratulations on the final. It was very interesting to watch you all week. You've managed to beat a lot of big hitters this week. The Verdascos, the Wawrinkas, Tsongas.

Q. Sorry?

Q. Sorry. Not Tsonga.
CORENTIN MOUTET: That's okay. I was just like, okay. I won.

Q. I meant Raonic or Verdasco and Wawrinka.

Q. All guys with very, very big games, big ground strokes. How do you manage to sort of neutralize games like that where guys are hitting the ball really, really big?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I don't really know. It was the first time I played all those guys. I never played them before, so I didn't know really what I was supposed to do when I came on the court. So I was just focusing on myself, on my game, what I can do, how I can fight with all my qualities, and that's it.

I was just focused on myself and trying to do the best thing I can do, because of course their ranking and their levels are still better than me for the moment. So I had to, yeah, to focus and try everything. Like, try to play a little bit better than I normally play, and it worked until the final.

Q. Yesterday was obviously really long. How did you feel physically today to have to play and come back?

Q. Yesterday was two matches. How do you feel physically?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I was thinking that I would be fresh today because in the morning I was feeling okay, and I was really surprised about that, of course. But I think I felt it in the final. Of course, six sets yesterday, I'm not used to it. It was hot. It was a really humid.

But, yeah, I think he was tired as well because he played two matches yesterday, so it was the same for both players. We had the same deal, same problem to deal, even if I played longer, but that's my problem. It's because I did three set two times, so that's my problem.

And, yeah, of course he was maybe fresher than me, but, again, I couldn't do it different.

Q. The whole week has been very challenging. One after another you have played tough players. You've had some very difficult matches. Yesterday was two matches. How did you keep yourself focused? How do you stay focused in such difficult situations?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I don't know. I think I -- the right answer is the same answer that I said to the journalist there. It's like I tried my best and just fight every point with all the qualities -- with all my weapon. Is that right? Yeah. And yeah. That's it.

Sorry. It's not a big answer (smiling).

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