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January 11, 2020

Cameron Smith

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. What a nice finish for you with all the birdies at the close.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it wasn't looking too pretty at the start there. Didn't start with my best golf. Just felt a little bit kind of iffy with the longer stuff.

Yeah, just kind of got into the rhythm of things on the back nine there.

Q. Yeah. You were really good at scrambling. Five of six scrambling, two for two on the bunkers, six of seven out of the sand for this week. You're really getting it done around the greens.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think that's what you kind of to lean on in weeks like this. You're going to miss greens, and with the greens being so small and the fairways being so small, yeah, definitely need a good short game around here.

Q. And that birdie on the last hole puts you in the final group once again with Brendan.
CAMERON SMITH: Perfect. Yeah, love playing Steely. He's a good lad. Yeah, be a nice battle tomorrow.

Q. Close enough, good enough, right?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I guess. Wasn't my best golf at the start. A lot of I guess miss-hits. Obviously tough again this afternoon.

But, yeah, got into the swing of things on the back nine there. Started to feel a little bit more comfortable with my swing rather than kind of worrying about what I was doing with my swing just went ahead and tried to hit some golf shots.

It was good to get in that frame of mind before tomorrow.

Q. Had some success at the end of years in the last few years in Australia. This year was Presidents Cup related, your individual performance. What is different about you taking it forward into January this year?
CAMERON SMITH: I think with it being so late I didn't get a chance to kind of put the clubs down. Probably only had four or five days off, whereas usually have three or four weeks off.

Yeah, just kind of a bit of momentum from those tournaments. I felt like I played really good in Australia all three weeks. Obviously not with the results that I wanted with all three tournaments, but, yeah, I felt as though I played pretty solid.

Q. Was there a turning point or anything that clicked in on the back nine today? Any one moment?
CAMERON SMITH: I holed a couple good par putts on 10 and 11. Kind of kept the momentum going from 9, good birdie on 9. I mean, not really. I hit it in there close on 13 and wasn't really thinking too much. I was just thinking about getting it in the fairway on the next hole.

I think it was -- it wasn't kind of a momentum type day. It was just more kind of a grind all the way through it.

So it was good day to get through it.

Q. Probably sound like a stupid question, but do you prefer to chase or be in front?

Q. If that makes sense.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I know what you mean. I like to lead, but you know, I've come from behind before in tournaments and I'll draw from that tomorrow. Should be a nice battle. Hopefully some more conditions like this. Bit tougher conditions I think will bring a lot of people into it, so should be exciting.

Q. You were 3-down with Justin Thomas with less than 18 holes to go recently, mate, so clearly you got what it takes to reign guys in.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think especially given the conditions. If we got more stuff like that I think it's not so much of a chase. It's just being smart and hopefully the putts drop.

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