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January 11, 2020

Webb Simpson

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Kind of a slow start on Thursday, battled through that, and now back to back 66s to put yourself in a great position. What was the key for the turnaround?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, the last two days have been really solid. Really started yesterday on the second nine. I was able to shoot 4-under on the incoming nine and get myself back in a little bit.

And then today was just kind of a good start, 2-Under through 5, and just played solid today. Hit two, maybe three loose shots, but able to make pars couple times when maybe I deserved bogey. Then I birdied the last two, which always helps.

Q. Coming off a tie for fourth a year ago here, what is it about Waialae that you like?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's not long. I think they're doglegs, it's not overly long, and bermuda greens. That's usually a good combo for me. Yeah, I have good memories. It was my first tournament with my TOUR card back in '09.

Q. As you get to the start of this day, obviously you start at 3-under; the lead is at 6-under. What do you tell yourself as a player as you go to the tee in the third round as far as you know you got a chance to still win?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, there is a lot unknowns this week each day with the weather, so I didn't know if we were going to get rained on all day, and if we are, it's going to be really tough.

So I didn't really know what to expect. All I was really focusing on was first shot. This week is a great example of how you can't get ahead of yourself because you don't know what's coming around over that corner over there, and any second it could start raining.

Q. Second straight 66. What did you figure out in your game or get rolling since that first round?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, that first round was really tough with just how hard it was blowing. I hit a couple loose shots that cost me doubles, but I just tried to embrace the last couple days and really see if I can use the wind to my advantage, knowing that birdies are going to be tough.

We've played really smart. I've only tried to attack wind -- I feel like there is no trouble around the pin or around the green. I've riven it well. I've hit a lot fairways, and we got ball in hand, which is always nice.

Q. Do you enjoy some of the tougher conditions, when as you said, you embrace and have a positive attitude and can kind of maybe just create shots.
WEBB SIMPSON? I think so. For a change it's nice knowing that par is a good score. I told my caddie before the week started, I told Paul that we're going to get some good breaks, some bad breaks, some good gusts, some bad gusts of wind.

You really just got to go hole by hole. I didn't know what to expect today. Scores are pretty good because I think because we didn't get any rain and these greens are still soft.

If that's the case tomorrow, I'm sure the scores will continue to be pretty good.

Q. You've had some success around here. You seem to enjoy this golf course. What's your mindset going into tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, if the rain stays away I think it's going to take a pretty good number. I know Brendan Steele and Kisner are playing great, and there are plenty of guys right there lurking. It was nice to birdie the last couple because I felt like it gave me a good chance of being right in it tomorrow.

Q. What's your biggest key to what you think you're going to need to do to come out on top tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think understanding when to be aggressive and when not to. If you try to be aggressive with this amount of wind on some of these holes it can jump up and bite you pretty quick and you make a quick bogey from the middle od the fairway.

I think just understanding that tomorrow, being disciplined, and attacking when I feel like it's a green light, and being conservative when there is trouble around.

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