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January 10, 2020

Andrey Rublev

Doha, Qatar


6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Two matches in one day. You haven't done that probably since juniors. How are you feeling?
ANDREY RUBLEV: To be honest, I did it a couple of times. I did it Washington. I play actually all my matches -- no, I mean, I play first and second round in two days and then quarterfinal and semifinal also in one day. So basically two matches one day and then two matches one day. Somewhere else, I don't remember, but somewhere else I did it also.

So, I mean, this is the way sometimes happens. We cannot do nothing about it. We just have to accept this is part of our sport and you cannot do nothing.

You just have to accept and try to do your best.

Q. The conditions today, is it easier to play two matches when it's cooler?
ANDREY RUBLEV: Depends. I mean, depends who you play, depends the matches you had. Actually, for example, today I feel even better the second match than the first match even. I was moving better. I was hitting better. I was -- I don't know. The energy was much better the second match than the first match.

But also sometimes if you play the first match so long, three hours, also is going to be really tough to play second match in the same day. So you never know how it's going to be.

Q. What do you think about the match between Serbia and Russia tomorrow in ATP Cup?
ANDREY RUBLEV: I think it's going to be interesting, and it's going to be really tough match because we had just one month ago battle at the Davis Cup with a really dramatic end. And I think I expect something similar is going to happen tomorrow for sure.

I don't know how it's going to be. Both Karen and Dusan can win singles and the same, Daniil and Djokovic, both of them can win single.

I think will be -- how you say? Of course I would like Russia to win, but I think how the statistics show is going to be final doubles. So we're going to see who is going to win the matches and how it's going to end.

Q. You played Monfils in 2018 finals. Now it could be Moutet or Wawrinka. Any thoughts on that?
ANDREY RUBLEV: Yeah. Like you said, two years ago I lost against Monfils. It was not even match. He just through me quite easy.

And we'll see. We'll see. I have no comment for the moment because both of the -- I mean, Stan, we know how good he can play, that he's a great player. He won so many titles. But also Moutet is showing really great game this week. He beat already couple of players that is really tough. He beat Raonic. He beat just this morning Verdasco.

So I think it's going to be not easy match for both of them, and we see what's going to happen.

Q. How does it feel to make the final in your first week? It's not the first time you've done it obviously, but how does it feel? And also can you talk a little about your off-season and how that went?
ANDREY RUBLEV: I mean, the feeling, of course it's amazing when in the beginning of the season you go to the final. It's amazing feeling.

So we'll see how it's going to happen tomorrow -- I mean, what's going to happen tomorrow. I will do my best and we'll see what going to happen.

And about the off-season, it was basically as soon as I finish Davis Cup, I start to do the preseason. I didn't stop. And I had five -- yeah, five weeks of preparation that we were working, and then I took three days off, three or four days off -- I don't remember -- to spend new year with my family. I fly to Moscow to spend the year with my family.

And then 2nd of January, I flew to Doha already and I was practicing here.

Q. And where was the off-season?
ANDREY RUBLEV: In Barcelona. I was doing preseason in Barcelona for five weeks, and then I fly Moscow -- I don't remember exactly -- three or four days, and then I flew to Doha.

Q. So it looked like the second match you were leading a lot in both sets, but you would still get a little bit frustrated when it's not perfect. Is it because you're a perfectionist?
ANDREY RUBLEV: No, it's -- no. For example, today, the second match against Kecmanovic, both of us was playing well. I mean, it looks like the score was easy but both of us was playing well. He was hitting the ball really hard from both sides.

And I feel that if I do little bit mistake or if I drop little bit the level, he will recover the match, and that's why I was feeling if I have chance to break him second time, I needed to do it. I don't need to relax. Because if I relax, he can come back and that was my feeling.

So that's why maybe I was little, how we say, even when the score was 3-1, it looks like everything under control, but that's why I wanted to break him second time. Because, like this, you have much more huge advantage, and it's more easy to finish the match. So basically that's it.

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