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January 10, 2020

David Goffin

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

D. GOFFIN/R. Nadal

6-4, 7-6

Team Belgium - 1

Team Spain - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. David, I know you have beaten him before, but where does a result like this tonight stand for you? How big is it amongst your other victories?
DAVID GOFFIN: Oh, it's always big when you play Rafa on a big stadium, night session, you play for your country, a competition like that with that format.

We were 1-0 down after first single of Kimmer. I had to step out on the court and try to, like against Bulgaria, to fight, to fight, to show what I can do to play my best tennis, try to go, to stick to my line, try to dictate, be aggressive.

That's what I did. Because after the match of Grigor, the confidence came back. Today again confidence was there, of course.

So a match like this, to win against Rafa, it's something big, something big for me.

Q. You look like you've got a pink drink there. Can you tell us what you're drinking there?
DAVID GOFFIN: I'm just drinking a juice with coconut water. It's quite good for recovery.

Good question. (Smiling.)

Q. Obviously you're thrilled with your performance and the win, but is it sort of weird now that -- I'm sure you're going to go cheer on your teammates -- that the tie is not over, that you guys still have more to play for?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, of course. It's not easy, so that's why I'm going to make a quick press conference, and then I go back in the locker room to encourage my teammates. Because everything is possible.

I think I showed them that everything is possible in a tie like this, and it's good because now we are full pumped before the doubles. The confidence is in the team. We are in a good mood, you know. We are back in the locker room with a win.

So it's great. So I have to eat a little bit and fight for them with good energy, because we will be all behind them for the doubles.

Q. So the lineups are as scheduled for the doubles?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, I think so. I think we see for us it will be probably the doubles team, and for them, Rafa is going to be, probably is going to play. So we will see.

Q. Just in terms of the win, can you take us through -- someone like Nick Kyrgios has had a little bit of success with Rafa but not too many other people have. You present a very different game style than someone like Nick does. What does someone who is of perhaps a smaller frame, doesn't have a big power game, how does someone like you go about beating someone like Rafa?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, it's tough to compare my game to Nick, I guess. But, no, I try to play with my best weapons, with my quality.

And so I have to take the ball early to use the power of Rafa to play fast, to use to make him run a lot, because I have -- forehand and backhand are my best, yeah, my best weapons. So I can play line, cross, I can change the direction as soon as I can.

So Rafa today couldn't play like two or three forehand in a row and make me run. Because as soon as he has time, he dictate. Even with the forehand or backhand, I'm dead, because if I run, I'm dead against him.

So I have to cut on every ball and try to be aggressive. That's what I did.

Q. On those tactics, it reminded me how Novak beat Rafa last year. Did you take something from that, or is that the way to play Rafa?
DAVID GOFFIN: Of course. I always try to take everything I can from Novak, because we don't have a similar game but I can take a lot from the game of Novak, because he takes the ball early, two-handed backhand, very, very solid, moving well.

So, yeah, I try to get on the shots of Rafa and always change directions like maybe Novak could do.

But Novak is Novak, and I am who I am, so I try to do my best, and I think I propose a game that was effective today.

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