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January 10, 2020

Ryan Palmer

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Well played out there for a couple days. Knowing you, you probably don't dislike the conditions out on the golf course.
RYAN PALMER: No. You know, I guess not. I'm a big fan of tough golf these days, you know, the golf courses you got to really grind and par is a good score.

These winds, par is good. I'm able to drive the ball well and keep the ball out in front of me a lot. My putter is finally coming around. Made a lot of good putts. Made some good birdie putts today.

Stayed patient. That was the main key coming in to yesterday and today was -- kept telling myself, Just be patient. You have to be patient this week because of the wind.

So far so good.

Q. You played yesterday afternoon and this morning. Much difference between the way the golf course played?
RYAN PALMER: A little more rain obviously. Few more saturated spots. Overall. The greens are a little soft obviously. Caught a few moments not as heavy in winds I guess this morning.

There were still some gusts, but nothing like we saw yesterday. It still blew hard. As you can see the scores, I think 4-under was the low this morning.

Q. You mentioned you like tough conditions. What is it to do when the conditions are like this?
RYAN PALMER: Just stay patient. You cannot get down. You're going to hit some shots that you can't believe ended where they did. Wedges that some up short, shots that end up long, you just got to take what comes, and like I said, pars are huge around this golf course when these winds are up.

And there's birdie holes out there, so if you can take advantage of those and stay patient, you can salvage a 1- or 2-under par.

Q. You've been coming here for a while. You ever remember the conditions like this?
RYAN PALMER: No, I have not played in winds? This tough. Even playing in Maui, another place that's been real windy. You're pumping 6-iron from 145; that says a lot of what the winds are doing.

But it's fun. It's a grinding week, and we're in store for another windy weekend.

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