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January 10, 2020

Russell Knox

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Russell, 5-under par in these winds. That's really, really good. Tell me about your day.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, we had a great group with Keegan and Andrew. We all played well and dragged each along, which was nice. So we kept seeing good shots, which made it easier.

I know I played a really good front nine to shoot 4-under, and then kind of hung in there on the back a little bit. Then it was nice to finish with a birdie.

No, I'm extremely happy with my round.

Q. See, I'm impressed with your outward nine, because the front nine has been playing tougher. You didn't find that today?
RUSSELL KNOX: I guess not. I drove the ball very well. I hit some really good drives, which I was able to attack. Very tricky obviously in the wind with the crosswind. Historically I've not really been very good in left-right wind, and on the front nine I took care of those drives very well.

That's kind of a key for me.

Q. I thought the whole tournament could have gotten away from you on Thursday when you managed to get it in at even par, and then you bounce back with 5-under. Talk about that opening round and your mindset at the start of today.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, it was 1-ver after 2 kind of early and I played a few kind of sketchy holes after that. Yeah, dug deep and was able to make some good pars.

Yeah, yesterday was hard. It was blowing obviously extremely strong, the wind, I was very happy birdieing 9 to finish there yesterday to get in it at even.

Yeah, it kind of set up today I felt, so yesterday was just as important as 5-under today.

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