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January 10, 2020

Cameron Davis

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Birdie, birdie to finish your round. You were a rookie on the PGA TOUR a year ago. What did you learn last year that you're trying to implement this year?
CAMERON DAVIS: I think just figuring out what your way of doing things is was my biggest thing. Watching a lot of what other guys are doing out here you get sucked into trying to emulate people. Obviously they're very good and they've got what works for them, and you have to figure out what works for you. I think I've had a little bit of a struggle with that over the last year.

I think I am starting to figure it out. It's nice to see it's turning into some good scores here.

Q. Like playing in conditions like this, right?
CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, I guess growing up I'm pretty used to it. Yeah, haven't had too much of it over the last couple years. I do feel a little bit at home when it's blowing.

Q. You're part of the Australian TOUR players contributing to the find to help your brethren back in Australia. How does it make you feel to know you've ten birdies already and two more days to go?
CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, plenty of incentive to get those putts in. I left a few short out there as well, and I'm thinking every one of those could have added to that.

But, yeah, I mean, we're just trying to do what we can. Obviously we're not back home. I personally haven't been affected by it, but seeing a lot of friends going through what they're going through, yeah, trying to do what we can.

Q. What's worked right for you so far this week?
CAMERON DAVIS: What's worked right? Just keeping it in play. I think I've got a couple shots working pretty well off the tee and into greens, and it's just about not making too many mistakes. With it being so soft, the balls are holding on the fairways so it's a little easier to keep them in play.

But just controlling into the greens I feel like I've got a couple shots what are working well. Yeah.

Q. Mentioned in there that you're finding yourself again. My understanding of that is trying to work out whether you're a feel or a conservative player; is that what it's about?
CAMERON DAVIS: Well, yeah. I'm just trying to -- thinking back to the way I used to be when I was a junior and stuff, I feel like the quality of golf I was playing when I was finishing up my amateur career was really good and I was a lot more of a creative shot shaping sort of guy. I loved bending it both ways; not being scared to go after a tee shot here and there and all that.

I started to get a little bit more -- not so much conservative -- but definitely taking a safer swing. Like feeling like going towards a stock swing for every shot was what was going to make me more consistent. I was looking to see what would shave scores off and reduce mistakes.

After trying a couple years of trying to fit that together, it just wasn't really clicking. Didn't feel like it was really getting any better as I was working through it.

Pretty much made a decision, All right, am I going to continue doing it this way in the hope it's going to come together later on, or do I start playing the game the way that I see it instinctively, which is not worrying about what my golf swing looks like, but caring about where the golf ball is going.

That's the direction I decided to go down, and the last few tournaments that I've played have been going pretty well.

Q. Excellent. And obviously you're going into the weekend with a big chance now. You're no stranger to that. Mentioned you won the Australian Open; you took down Jason Day when he was playing pretty well. Played really well in your PGA TOUR debut in Mexico. You're used to this stage already even though it's early in your career.
CAMERON DAVIS: Well, I know that the level of golf that I played to get to this point right now isn't anything spectacular. Like it doesn't feel like I'm playing out of my skin, so I just need to continue doing the same things.

I mean, everyone says it, but that's really all it is. You just don't want to let the size of the moment get to you too much. Just got to sink back into, all right, what's the job on this shot right now? Play your round one shot at a time all the way through, just giving every shot the right amount of attention and intention.

So, yeah, I've done a pretty good job through 36 holes. Haven't been too many instances where I've lost concentration. It's easy to do with the wind so blustery. See what happens tomorrow. Today of meant to be worse than yesterday and it hasn't been so much so, but it was still just a tough in the wind.

Q. Changing back to the instinctual play, to help you to keep that, the fun mentality and not caught up too much in the moments, right? Allows you to just enjoy your golf again?
CAMERON DAVIS: I did want to have a bit more enjoyment. It was getting pretty rough. I know I can't complain, I was on the TOUR, it was great, but not feeling like you can compete, that's no fun at all. That's pretty much was my whole season felt like.

I'm trying to find things that I enjoy about golf again and put them in play. I wasn't away from it for too long, but it was enough to see what it's like other on the side of it. Now I'm having a lot more fun trying to figure out different ways to hit each shot. Especially when it's windy like this, you can really pull out your book of imaginative ideas to try and get the ball to the hole.

I'm enjoying it and Andrew is enjoying being on the bag as well and figuring it out with me. Yeah, we're having a good time.

Q. Cam Davis is Cam Davis, but if you could maybe liken what you're trying to do to another player from the past style-wise.
CAMERON DAVIS: I feel like a lot of the best -- a lot of the guys out here are all the same way. Can't really pick one or two guys. Because I see everyone when they get out here in conditions like these; they're all working it around. I think, you know -- I can't really think of anybody. I just know the guys who play the best and win the biggest tournaments are the guys who aren't afraid to try something different. They're not going to shy away from hitting a big ole draw into the back left pin or trying to hit a high spinner to a front pin. Not just going through monotonously. You can still play very well, but I feel like you've got more chances of great thing happening, and that's what we're looking for.

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