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January 10, 2020

Parker McLachlin

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. With that kind of finish, was the heart rate beating like it maybe hasn't in a while?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah. Had to kind of calm myself down there for a bit. The putts on 17 and 18 were not easy, especially given the situation, knowing I needed it to have a chance to play the weekend.

Yeah, proud of the way that I kind of slowed my heart rate and got into my routine and made those putts.

Q. So you knew that you were at that cut line at that point?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I knew kind of where I was the whole day. Just kind of kept my head down, try to keep grinding, and, yeah, was lucky enough to make that putt on 16 there.

Then, yeah, just kind of didn't really want to hold on for dear life, but seemed like that's what I was doing there the last couple holes.

Q. You've been grinding to get back on this tour for a while; had some up and downs over the last how many years. Would that rank up there with one of the coolest moments in your golf career for a while?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, I was thinking about that putt on 18. I'm like, Gosh, I used to dream about having this putt to win the tournament as a kid on that hole, like the last hole. I'm having to make this six-footer just to make the cut.

I think it would be a lot more fun to have it be a top 10 finish or a win. Yeah, I mean, it was definitely satisfying, gratifying, to make the putt on 17, make the putt on 18. Yeah, it wasn't like joyous, but it was gratifying.

Q. 68 though, how did you feel overall today?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, I mean, I golfed my ball pretty great today. I was really happy with how I was playing. I feel like I left a few out there.

But, yeah, hopefully I keep sharp for the weekend. I did feel really good about how I was playing and felt like -- just kept putting it in the fairway, kept putting it on the green, and, yeah, I didn't make as many putts as I probably should have, and I'll just blame the wind for that.

Q. Were you driving it a little further today? Just out there watching and seemed like a little further. Did you notice at all?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, yeah. I think I laid into a few a little extra. Yeah, yeah.

Q. How much did 1 set you in the right direction?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, that was a great tee shot. I've had my fair share of bad memories on that tee shot there, so I kind of overcompensated and hit it down the left, but then, yeah, hit a great iron shot in there six, eight feet and made a beautiful putt.

I kind of just got me feeling like, All right, things are going my way today. I'm going to make some putts I know things are going to go well. I think that helped to get off trying to hard and I think it helped me to set the tone for staying patient knowing things were going to go well today.

Q. Talk about the up and down on the last hole.
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, I mean, it's like -- it always means more when you're doing it in front of your -- on your home course, a course I grew up on. So it's always like I'm kind of glancing in the crowd seeing old friends I haven't seen in ages and they're coming out to support. It kind of puts a little bit more added whatever you want to say, like energy or whatever it is, more pressure, more -- you just want to do well for the people that are coming out to support you.

And so, yeah, I hit a -- by my standards it was a really poor chip, especially with ball in hand and all that stuff. I knew I needed to leave it under the hole give myself a -- I just didn't want to try to make it and leave myself four or five feet from above the hole kind of downgrain, downwind.

So, yeah, I knew where I was trying to leave it. I mean, every day I'm trying to make this chip for me, but with this situation, the circumstances, it was like, God, I was hanging on for dear life. (Laughter.)

Q. The shots at the end are going to be the ones you think about making the difference, but the putt on 4 or 5 after the bogey, was that the putt that maybe keeps the round from getting away from you?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, yeah, because I was playing well. I had a great look on my 8th hole, the par-3. Had another good look on 9; another good look on 10; another good look on 11; and then I just kind of misshit an iron shot there on my 12th hole and now all of a sudden I make bogey.

I'm like, Man, I just had four great opportunities, and now I'm going to make bogey? So it was nice to make like a 17-footer just kind of bounce back and get right back going in the right direction and not feel like I was having to save two birdies or birdies for last three or four holes.

Q. I think you mentioned you felt okay about your game coming in, but after these two rounds not satisfied. How do you assess your two rounds, I guess?
PARKER McLACHLIN: I feel like I should be a couple under par for the week at least. I was just sloppy yesterday.

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