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January 10, 2020

Kiki Bertens

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

K. BERTENS/A. Kontaveit

6-3, 2-6, 7-5

Q. Apart from playing for the challenger, what was the key in the end?
KIKI BERTENS: Well, it was just a few points here and there. I think I was a little bit lucky, of course, in the end, with the challenges. But I think it was just going for my shots also a little bit more in the last game, just like give everything and then we see.

Q. Obviously you cannot choose but do you think it's better for you to have these kind of matches in the beginning or you would prefer an easier start to the season?
KIKI BERTENS: Well of course I would prefer an easier start, but I think I never play easy matches. It's always long ones, so I'm kind of used to it and I'm just happy with the level I'm playing.

Q. The first set, you were it seemed like in the zone, just one unforced error there. Across the entire match you only lost six points behind your serve as well. What did she do -- given those stats -- what did she do particularly well to kind of put that pressure on you?
KIKI BERTENS: I think she was changing a little bit more like down the line and in the second set, which was hard for me to put the ball back in the court. And also, my serve, I think my serve percentage in the second set was not too high. But yeah of course it's also the pressure she's putting on you. So, yeah, she did a great job.

Q. You obviously play Naomi next. Thoughts on that match?
KIKI BERTENS: That's going to be really tough, but of course, she's going to play really aggressive, good first serve. I've had two really aggressive players already, so I think that's going to help me for the next match.

Q. Still playing doubles as well, so it's been a pretty busy week. Obviously, you enjoy the games, the matches?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I'm really enjoying playing matches again. It was like, it's always tough like two months not playing, so I like to -- when Ash asked me to play doubles here I think it's only good to have many matches in the beginning of the year. And it's really relaxed and fun to play with her, so, yeah, only good things.

Q. And then Saturday the doubles?
KIKI BERTENS: Well, I think we already had a walkover, so I think we're already in the finals. So, yeah, yeah, so. Thank you.

Q. What did you make of Ash's loss today?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, of course, it's pretty tough. But I haven't seen the match so I cannot say anything about her level or anything. But I think it's, she's in a little bit different position of course this year. But, yeah, we'll see. I think in doubles she played great, so I think she's going to be fine for the next few weeks.

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