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January 9, 2020

Daniil Medvedev

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

D. MEDVEDEV/D. Schwartzman

6-4, 4-6, 6-3

Team Russia - 2

Team Argentina - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was really quite an effort and a very tight match. Give us your thoughts on how you think it went, the way you felt you played, and what could have changed or done anything different?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: It was super tough match. I think of course it's a bit tough, I would say, when you're on the court than you watch on TV. I think it was a great match to watch. I think Diego played amazing.

I'm really happy with myself, because regarding the conditions we were put as -- we got as a team, coming from Perth, three-hour difference, we had some problems with the flight because of the rain in Sydney, so we had to stay the night in Melbourne.

So physically was really tough. I felt like I was not getting the balls I can. I was not hitting as strong as I can usually. So it made me problems.

But, I mean, that I won this match is the most important, and I'm really happy about it.

Q. On the point of the way you guys have played and the Russian team through the round-robin series and now qualifying for the semifinals, would you have expected that? How do you feel about that aspect?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I think to be completely honest, the matches we won we were favorites, which of course doesn't mean anything, and we saw so many matches where favorites were losing. But we made our job. All the matches were won in singles, which is amazing, and I think only Spain did the same so far.

So it's really great. We played great with Karen. Hopefully we can go all the way, but I'm really happy with the way ATP Cup is going for Team Russia.

Q. Karen mentioned that he was watching the tie before you guys on TV in the locker room. I was wondering if you were watching with him and what your thoughts of how crazy that was?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, we were watching together. It was me, Karen, Konstantin, my wife, and coach of Karen. And the other team was upstairs in the restaurant.

We were going crazy, and of course Murray not finishing the match was quite crazy, but it happens. This is tennis.

The match was unbelievable. As soon as it finished, we're, like, Okay, okay, calm down. We have our match to play.

It was funny to watch, and we were completely into it. Yeah, was amazing match to watch. And Alex de Minaur, also.

Q. There have been a few ties throughout the week that had that excitement. Have you watched any in particular that you were, like, Wow?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I watched everything I could basically when I am in the hotel room, or with the physio, if there was tennis on, I like to watch tennis.

Did something get into my mind? I don't remember anything in particular. Yeah, I saw the tiebreak between Team Germany and Team Greece in doubles, which was simply astonishing, also. There were so many chances for both teams, so this one.

Q. The point penalty in the second set, do you regret how all that played out?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, the second code violation for sure was deservable, so don't argue. In fact, why I got the second one was because I was arguing with the first one because I didn't hear it.

I will probably talk to Mohamed to see why I got it, because I don't know why I got it. I mean, I had to start with 15-Love. I knew it, and I actually made 15-All and then lost the game.

Q. But you actually hit the chair umpire's chair with your racquet while you were having that exchange.
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I mean, I didn't have anything near me to hit at than the chair, but as we saw, it didn't make anything to the chair or of course not to Mohamed or anything, so just hit one thing with the racquet.

Nothing happen with it. I got a code violation which I deserve, as I said. The second one is no question. Then we moved on.

Q. So you don't expect any further repercussions? It's unusual, I guess, to see someone strike a chair like that though?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Not for me to decide. I don't know what the ATP is going to decide about this.

As I say, I didn't see it on TV. Regarding that nothing happened to the chair, nothing happened to anybody, even I didn't break my racquet, I would say I got a code violation. I will get a fine. Usually when you get a code violation you get a fine for code violation. I don't think there is anything else to do.

Q. What sparked the initial thing with Diego? There was a little bit of talk there. What was that about?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I thought, and maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, I thought there was one point where I hit let, and then he -- where he hit the let, sorry, and he passed me and he didn't say sorry.

It was very tight moment. I lost the game after, but in my mind, I was, like, Okay, I think you should have said sorry, so I will get this back at you, and that's what I did, just one time after during the match. I didn't do anything else against anybody. I think it was gone.

Q. There was a moment where you guys passed each other, and that's where the sort of exchange happened. What did you say to him? What were the words you used?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I was actually going to my corner. I didn't want to talk to Diego, but I understand completely that after I screamed "Come on" three times, he wanted to talk to me, especially after a lost set.

I don't know what he said to me. He said something in Spanish. I just tried to mention him that he hit the let and didn't say sorry, and that's why I was screaming, "Come on." That's all I said.

That's why I don't know at which moment Mohamed gave me the warning, because if he gave it to me for screaming "Come on" too loud, there is a rule for this. But if he thought I said something bad to Diego, that's not the case and I should not get the first warning. And if I don't get the first warning, there will not be a situation where I get the second one even close.

Q. What did you think of Russia's chances to win the title? You'll face Canada or Serbia two days from now.
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I would say it's 25%, because there are four teams who are there, and all four teams are going to be extremely strong.

I mean, of course I think by the chance of Spain and Serbia are favorites not only in their tie but maybe to be in the final, but as I said, Russia beat Serbia with the same team in Davis Cup, so everything is possible. We just have to prepare our matches, play good, and that's how we'll have our chances.

Q. What would you think of another chance at Novak if that would happen?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I like to play Novak. I mean, the matches with him is something special. He's one of probably three, one of three best players in the history, so of course it was great to beat him few times, but every match is a new one.

Every match is so tough with him, and that's how you progress, so I like to play against these top players.

Q. You didn't play Davis Cup final last year, so you haven't got anything to compare this to. But how much have you benefited out of the year starting this way with the ATP Cup and getting into the swing of things? How much do you think this could be a benefit going into the Australian Open for you?
DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I think they should keep it, like, I want to say forever, but for a long time, because I think it's super great to start the year like this in Australia. I think everybody is happy.

I mean, you play only top players almost, and, I mean, everybody is going crazy. There is a lot of points, a lot of money involved, a lot of fans. I think the TV is also working well.

I do think it's a great thing. The only thing to think for next year is how to not disadvantage some teams like, for example, three teams were playing in Sydney, and, well, it's a big advantage. So actually it's great effort from me and Karen today to pass Argentina who were, you know, they played a match yesterday and they were completely used to everything.

For us, it was the first match. So this is the only thing that I would say bothers me a little bit. If not, the tournament is amazing.

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