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January 9, 2020

Karen Khachanov

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-2, 7-6

Team Russia - 1

Team Argentina - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pretty straightforward. It got tight at one stage, but were you pretty comfortable and happy with tonight's result against Pella?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I didn't get tight in any moment.

Q. Well, when the set got close.
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I think I started to get really pumped, aggressive, and basically making the shots, you know, not missing. That's important when you want to play aggressive. And I think that was working pretty well.

First set, no comments, let's say like this. Everything I think what we spoke with the coach and with Marat I did well.

So in the second set, you know, also he changed a little bit. I slowed down maybe a few situations where I could take the lead, and match became intense and more tougher, yeah.

But overall, I'm really happy with my performance today.

Q. It looked like sort of Pella was coming back in that second set for a bit of a comeback. How did you keep yourself calm through that and through the tiebreaker?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, I think I saved, like, four breakpoints 2-3 in the second set. That was really important to stay there and try to win this game.

I served out of four breakpoints I think three aces or all first serves basically. That was really important. You know, if you give him the lead 4-2, it will be much tougher to get it back and a disadvantage.

So I served well. That's one of my biggest weapons. So sometimes I have to get free points, yeah.

Q. He was a bit of emotional during the game. There was tears actually showing. Did that distract you at all?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I didn't see it. I mean, I was on the other side of the court, and I was talking to Marat and to the teammates, but honestly, I didn't see that.

Q. How would you compare playing ATP Cup to Davis Cup?
KAREN KHACHANOV: You know, it's both events for the country. So in terms of emotions maybe it's pretty similar, but I think in terms of atmosphere and some new innovations, the team stays next to you, it's a little bit different.

So I think we have to adjust, like, with the first two matches to have everybody next to you and the whole team basically can advise you something or speak to you and support you. I think it's in a better way. I like it so far.

Q. With you and Daniil leading the Russian team, a lot would consider you guys as the major threats for here. Obviously there is Novak and Rafa, et cetera. Do you look at it that way? Do you see that? If so, what are your thoughts?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I think obviously to succeed in slams especially and in big tournaments you have to believe in this way. Otherwise it will be tough to beat top guys, you know.

So I think playing like this and winning more matches you can start feeling it more and more, and that's what I'm looking for, yeah.

Q. I heard you saying on the court that you were watching the match from before for quite a bit. Is it easy to sort of get lost in that, seeing how exciting these matches are, how much everyone is into it?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, I think that's the case. So after they finished the match, I went to the gym to lay down, like, 10 minutes, you know, to have my own thoughts and try to concentrate.

Because sometimes when you are too excited and too emotional to watch some other matches, you lose energy. That's what basically you don't want to have before you go on court.

Q. And have you seen some of the other matches throughout the week, watching on TV or whatever?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, yeah. I love to watch tennis. So when I'm in my room and I have my time, my free time, I like to watch some other matches, you know, and while I'm resting.

And so far I was following, yeah, like, matches in Brisbane and Sydney before, you know, when we were in Perth.

Q. Was there any match in particular that maybe stuck out?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I think yesterday match between France and South Africa, Paire against Anderson was really intense and exciting to watch.

I think France against Serbia, the deciding doubles, also. Yeah, many matches. You know, there are a lot of good players here, almost all top players. So all of the matches are exciting to watch.

Q. The way this event has everybody on tour watching everyone around, is that a cool way to start the season like that?
KAREN KHACHANOV: 100%. I think everybody supported this idea to make it the beginning of the year in Australia, you know, under ATP Cup.

You know, I'm enjoying so far. Everything is well organized. Three cities, you have everything what you need to come into the Australian Open.

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