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January 9, 2020

Petra Kvitova

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

P. KVITOVA/L. Samsonova

6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Who has the first question?

Q. Congratulations. How are you feeling now two matches into your season?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I feel good, obviously. It was a tough one but in different way. I mean, it was challenging playing someone I didn't know. She already played a few matches before. She's serving pretty well. She had a really big serve and she's really playing pretty big from the ground strokes as well so it's been difficult.

Q. In terms of just getting on to the center court, you wanted to play there, did it kind of give you a little bit of extra energy, a little bit of a more positive vibe, I guess?
PETRA KVITOVA: Definitely it was nice, yeah, for sure. I'm glad that -- I didn't win to make it to center court last year, so I'm really glad I get a chance win it this time. So it was really nice. The people were great. And yeah, it's beautiful at center court.

Q. How does it feel to start your season with these two wins in different ways? Everybody starts the season, it's a little bit nervous, is my game there, is it not, how do you feel now two matches in?
PETRA KVITOVA: Actually, I feel the same, before my first match, actually. And playing Anastasia, you know, before I was down one as well. So I was never up for my game, from her game and so probably the score was showing it as well. So it's been very difficult. And today I didn't know what to expect. Of course, I was nervous as well. It was everything about the serve and waiting of the chance, but I was pretty patient today as well, so, yeah, I'm proud of those small things.

Q. Even if the score was like 6-3, 2-all in the second, I felt like the difference between you and her was not so big in terms of games today. Did you, did you expect it to be like this kind of challenge today?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I practice a lot with the guys as well back in Czech and that's something similar, I think, when she's serving for the break. I did have this practice against the boys, so I was kind of prepared for that, which is nice. So, yeah, I mean, it was about the one break and the other break in the second set, and I only had to be very careful on my serve on my games and that's what I did pretty well.

Q. Looking forward, your next game is against Jennifer Brady, who has become the giant killer of this tournament, she's beat Sharapova and Barty. Are you impressed with her run-through and how do you feel about playing here?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, hopefully I'm not next. I will do my best to not be next. But yeah, of course I know her. I played her last year in Dubai and she gave me some troubles, it was a three-setter -- well, that's not really surprise, right? But, yeah, definitely I think she improved. For me, she feels more confident on the court as well. She has a great serve. And, yeah, it will be great match tomorrow, for sure, and I have to play my best to try it and we'll see.

Q. This month is going to be the last tournament of Caroline Wozniacki. I'm curious what you -- you've been on tour with her for a long time, your careers have overlapped a lot, I'm just curious what you're going to remember most about her time on tour.
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, it's true, we have been together pretty long time on the tour. It's going to feel weird because she's the same age as me. So, yeah, I'm getting old as well, but. No, I mean, it's her deciding, so I think it's nice for her that she could do whatever she feels that she wants to do. So I hope and I believe that it's a lucky decision for her and she will be happy in her life. And it doesn't have to be tennis, but for sure, she's going to find something very nice for her. And definitely the health is in the first place, so hopefully she's going to be healthy as well. And, yeah, I'm going to miss her on the tour for sure.

Q. You started later than she did, so you have a lot of time left?
PETRA KVITOVA: That's true, yeah. Thank you. (Laughing) so I should play longer, right?

Q. Is there one match against her that stands out or one moment you two have had off court or just a lasting memory?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I do remember, actually it was Hopman Cup when we played, and I was No. 2 and she was No. 1 and we played good match over there. But most of the time I probably am going to remember more from the practices and from the off-court things. We have been friends and we chat many times in the locker rooms and chat with her father as well and so it's been always funny moments.

Q. If you could give any advice for people around that were juniors, what would you give us?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I think just enjoy the tennis, that's what helped me a lot when I was a junior. And I didn't play many matches when I was in juniors, but I was just enjoying the tennis, being on the court and being passionate about it. And then of course work hard and if you love it, then it's much easier.

Q. Leading up to your next match against Jennifer Brady what do you think you're going to have to do differently compared to this match that you just played?
PETRA KVITOVA: Actually I don't think I will need anything to do differently than today. I just need to serve well, because she's serving very well as well and probably, just as I always do, play my game, which I think will be paying off tomorrow.

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