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January 9, 2020

Tim Henman

Daniel Evans

Joe Salisbury

Jamie Murray

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

De MINAUR-KYRGIOS/Murray-Salisbury

3-6, 6-3, 18-16

Team Australia - 2

Team Great Britain - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tim, that was very exhilarating to watch. How was your sort of heart rate through nearly eight hours of drama there?
TIM HENMAN: Calmer than I thought in regards to the heart rate. But again, you know, an incredible day of tennis.

You know, it's massively disappointing for the whole team to get that close and not be able to come out on top. You know, I'm sure it will take a little bit of time. It will sting for a while to move on from that.

But I think when we do reflect on it, it's been an incredible week of tennis. The boys have worked incredibly hard. I think their preparation has been excellent. They played at such a high level of tennis on the match court.

We know that sport at the very highest level is fine margins. And in the two matches we have lost, that's very much been evident.

Q. Jamie, what can you say about the super-tiebreak?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I mean, it had just about everything, didn't it? You know, we put ourselves in position a few times. We didn't do it.

I missed that shot basically on top of the net, which was ridiculous. We hung in and we did well. We just couldn't quite get the last point. Yeah, we lost. I mean, that was it, yeah.

It was disappointing. I think, you know, we played a good first set, and then we kind of let them back into it with a soft break at the start of the second set. Got the break back. Again, kind of gave away a break.

All of a sudden it's a tiebreak and it's anyone's game. You know, the tiebreak was probably longer than the sets were (smiling).

But, yeah, that will hurt. Should have never missed that shot, and I'll probably never miss it again in my career. But today I missed it, and that cost us.

Q. Joe, can you just describe the emotions, how intense it felt on that court? The match tiebreak lasted a half an hour. I guess you've never felt like that on the court before?
JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, I mean, it was probably sort of the most intense, tense match I have played in terms of, yeah, everything involved, in terms of what was on it. Obviously playing for our country. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing.

Yeah, it was an unbelievable match. I mean, obviously we're just gutted right now. Yeah, I believed that we were going to get it done, and obviously we had our chances and we tried our best, but these things happen.

Q. Tim, were you surprised at all by the decision to go with Kyrgios and de Minaur in the doubles?
TIM HENMAN: I mean, I wouldn't say I had given it a great deal of thought. No, I think they got plenty of combinations, and, you know, Lleyton is the one that will know best.

I think it's a good effort from de Minaur to get back out there after coming in second after 3 hours and 25 minutes. But, you know, whoever we were going to play against, the boys were ready to go, and, you know, they did an unbelievable job. You know, as Jamie and Joe know and realize, it's tough to, you know, get over that finish line.

No, in terms of the atmosphere, the occasion, the quality of tennis, it was absolutely amazing. You know, we'll be able to look back on it in a few days and weeks and take a lot of positives out of it.

Q. Dan, what are your emotions now? Was that one of the most emotional matches you have played in your career?
DANIEL EVANS: I mean, obviously my match was a long one. I felt way worse watching the doubles unfold. It was such good level and then nerve-racking to sit there watching it.

As Jamie said, they did everything pretty much apart from win the match, and that's just so tough to take. But the guys, they left everything out on the court, as did everyone who stepped on the court this week every match. We left everything out there.

I think we should all be proud that, you know -- it's not easy losing like that, but we gave it a good go.

Q. Dan, just going back to your singles against Alex, can you just reflect on that? Because the standard and the atmosphere just went through the roof. It was an incredible match to watch. What was it like to play that match, and how were you feeling during the match?
DANIEL EVANS: No, yeah, it was great. You know, that's why I play sport is for occasions like that. I enjoyed it.

You know, it hurt a bit, but I enjoyed every minute of it out there. You know, hopefully everyone in the crowd enjoyed it, as well.

I was just proud to put a point on the board for the guys and then hopefully -- well, we obviously didn't, but it was hopefully to go out there and get the win and win the tie, but that's the way it goes.

Q. Dan, I know this is a team event, but one positive for you is it looks like you might be seeded at the Australian Open. Can you just talk about how that feels?
DANIEL EVANS: That's the first I heard of it. If that's the case, it's great, but, you know, right now it's a tough pill to swallow what just happened in the matches.

You know, we really, really thought we were going to get the job done today, so it's tough.

Q. Jamie, you doubles guys stayed in the team zone for quite a while during Dan's match. Is that an element of this format that you really like? Would you change how you approach the doubles if you had your time over again?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I mean, the thing with the format is for us who are waiting to play the doubles is, you know, you could play in 10 minutes after the match or you could play in 45, depending on, you know, who's going to play the doubles.

But, you know, we had to be there and support Dan and try to help him as much as we could to kind of get over the line.

Yeah, I was enjoying the match. It was an incredible match, incredible level of tennis, and, you know, it's much more fun to be out there on the court than sitting in the locker room watching it on TV.

You know, we still had a decent amount of time after the match to kind of warm up and stuff, so we were fine.

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