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January 9, 2020

Jennifer Brady

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

J. BRADY/A. Barty

6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: First question.

Q. Congratulations. Now that it's soaked in a little bit, how do you feel about beating the world No. 1?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I don't know if is soaked in yet. Yeah, the previous two times I played Ash last year she got the best of me, I would say pretty convincingly. Two sets. Today was a bit different. I had definitely a better performance out there today and really happy.

Q. What did you feel like -- your serving stats were really good. You also came to net today, I think 13 times. What was the game plan going in looking at those two matches from when you had played Ash previously that were you trying to apply to today to be successful out on court?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, today just tried to be as aggressive as possible. Start every point fresh. Yeah, I think, I don't think I faced a break point today, so that was pretty solid serving stats for me. Yeah, really don't really know what else to say, yeah. Yeah, sorry.

Q. Ash said that you guys were hitting earlier this week, and that also that you've been doing some hard work to improve your serve and that sort of stuff. So did that give you a good gauge about how you could work, basically work her out there on Pat Rafter Arena?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, we had a practice earlier in the week, I think maybe a few days before I started the qualifying. So that always helps, practicing with the top players, which I never really did before. It gives you a bit of confidence knowing that you can play at that level, you belong at that level. And, yeah, I mean, I think like everyone else, putting in the hard yards in the off-season, practiced a lot on my serve, as you can seeing the stats showed that and hopefully can I keep that rolling.

Q. In terms of against Maria, and then today against Ash, it seemed like there was a lot of self belief on your side of the net, and maybe that's something that maybe in the past if we were to watch your matches, there would be a little bit more doubt, a little bit more insecurity when you played the big players. What do you think has really changed there, because the body language, just the composure the last two matches has been really noticeable?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, definitely. I think just going out there and knowing that I can win, playing to win instead of just playing to just hang in there or try and just hold my own. I think just believing in myself, having the confidence in the game, knowing that I am a player who is able to dictate. And if I'm able to do that and giving myself the best opportunity at winning and win or lose knowing that I played within myself and believed in myself, I think I'll walk off the court pretty happy.

Q. Does that change in mindset -- is that a result of the hard work that you put in in the off-season? Is it a result of coming off of a career best year? What has kind of triggered this mentality of, like, I'm playing to win now as opposed to I'm just trying to have a good time?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I think the off-season, made a lot of progress on court and off court. I spent a lot of time in the gym getting stronger. I have a lot of confidence in my legs, in my strength. And yeah, I think that stepping on the court with a different mentality, different sort of belief in myself and, just kind of changed. I feel like a different person, a better person, fresh, mentally, physically, yeah, I feel good.

Q. You talked about your physical preparation there, but what was your mental preparation like, because you're coming into a stadium where the majority of the spectators were going for the world No. 1 being an Aussie?
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I knew the entire crowd pretty much was going to be for Ash. Even just the past few days the drivers have been, Oh, when's Ash playing? You know, so, yeah, I mean, so, like, I was expecting that. But I think that was a great atmosphere. I wouldn't change that for the world.

Q. Apart from the service stats, were there any other aspects of her game that maybe surprised you today or also today and the match against Sharapova?
JENNIFER BRADY: In mine or --

Q. In your game, yes.
JENNIFER BRADY: In my game. I wouldn't say anything really surprised. I would say more just, just repetition, lots of repetition that I've been doing in practice and just applying it to the matches and just having the confidence to apply it. And, yeah, I mean, I spent a lot of time on my serve. And, yeah, it was good today.

Q. You're the fourth American into the quarterfinals with Sofia still to play, so there could be five. That's the most that this tournament's ever had at the quarterfinal stage. What do you think, what is your reaction to this surge of American women's tennis?
JENNIFER BRADY: Oh, it's awesome. Yeah, it's good. I love seeing fellow Americans. I think everyone in America, all the -- the USTA probably loves seeing us doing well. And it's great. I think Danielle plays Madison. I mean, she's only lost three games, so, yeah. No, that will be a good match. Hopefully Sonya will pull it out. But, yeah, I think it's great to see fellow Americans doing well.

Q. Is there any kind of competition between all of you U.S. players?
JENNIFER BRADY: Well, I wouldn't say there's any real competition. I mean, it's, I think it's the same with every country. You see one American doing well, you think, okay, well if they're doing that, I can do that, and it kind of fuels the fire. So we kind of push each other and that's good.

Q. Just looking ahead, next round, just kind of break that down.
JENNIFER BRADY: Samsonova, I've never played before. I don't know much about her. I've played Kvitova before, last year in Dubai. And I'm not sure if I've played her before that. I think that I did, but I'm not sure. But, yeah, I mean, it will be a touch match, obviously Samsonova has had, same like me, coming through qualifying, a few matches under her belt, yeah, it will be interesting to see who pulls that out, yeah, we'll see later.

Q. And do you feel like the way that you're playing right now that it's, well that it's almost like you don't need to adjust game plans too much from opponent to opponent? Just the way that you're playing it seems like you've been in really like solid control against two different types of players.
JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I wouldn't say I'm changing my game style according to who I'm playing, I'm just playing my game within myself and just little tweaks, little things like that between opponents and, yeah, that's about it.

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