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January 9, 2020

Matt Jones

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Matt, I really admired your patience out there. You bogey the 4th hole and don't pick up your first birdie until the 9th and then you birdie the last two and end up 3-under. That's really some patience, and I guess that's what you need out here today.
MATT JONES: Yeah. It's not an easy day out there, and I just managed my round really well. Kept the ball low and kept it in play and tried to (wind) putts, and it worked out.

Q. You came in here having played a little bit in summer of Australia. Do you think that's an advantage for the Aussies? We see Aussies all over the leaderboard.
MATT JONES: I'm not sure if we played that much we would've -- well, I played the first week of December and I didn't touch a club until pretty much when I got here. I did a little bit of work before I got here.

I think it's more so the golf course and the conditions that leads to why Australians play well here. We love the wind to we love to keep it low, and probably being back in Australia and traveling over here the time is not... (wind interference.)

Q. I would think that you're mentally tired, and now you got to go back out and do it again, and conditions on Friday could be the same, maybe even worse.
MATT JONES: I said to my caddie before the week, I said, this is probably a good week when you haven't played too much, because ball striking this week is not going to be as important as just managing the golf course.

You could be swing the best you have and still shoot a bad score out here. So it's a good week to come in and grind a round out.

Q. You're off to a good start. Put yourself in a good spot. Four-birdie day.
MATT JONES: Yeah, it is. Got four birdies, did I? What's that, $1000 to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, which is fantastic. That's why we're out here trying to make some birdies.

It would be better with easier conditions. We could get more donations, but...

Q. Maybe we can convince some other guys to get on board over the next few days as well.
MATT JONES: The Americans are very generous with their donating, and I don't think that will be a problem.

Q. Obviously a good start to your round here, but I know you said haven't played since the Australia Open, but winning that, that must've given you confidence heading into 2020.
MATT JONES: It has, of course. Any time you win, winning breeds winning. Any time you get a chance to win and be in contention can only help the next time.

I beat a very strong field and probably try and build on that.

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