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January 8, 2020

Nikoloz Basilashvili

Perth, Western Australia, Australia


6-4, 1-6, 6-4

Georgia - 2

Uruguay - 0

Q. Nick, could I just -- what happened at that 5-4 point, and then what did you sort of say to Pablo to coax him back sort of to play the match?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: I think for me it was be kind of, how to say, overreacting call from referee. Because, yeah, Pablo was a bit kind of, he did some like jumping things, but I don't think it really, it affected him on his game quality. He was still fighting. So for me I would not agree on the referee's call on that. So, and I just told him that it was bad call, I think, from referee and let's continue playing. And I was really happy that he kind of come back and we could compete again.

Q. It seemed as if it took you -- upon the resumption it took you a little bit of time to settle down again on serve. I know that you double faulted but got to 40-15, etcetera. But overall how happy were you with the performance and just getting the first singles win this week?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: I had, I think I had many kind of opportunities during the match to take the match and I'm happy. The courts are a bit slow here, so I'm, sometimes I'm struggling to finish up the point. And in general I think it was interesting match and I am happy how I played today.

Q. And Nikoloz, the week overall and your preparation, where do you go to from here? Is it straight to Melbourne for the Australian Open?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: We are flying after tomorrow for Melbourne and we're going to prepare for the Australian Open.

Q. How would you rate the tournament? It's a first, the ATP Cup. Do you think it's a good result?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: A very good organized tournament, very interesting atmosphere. It's a first time where we are playing this kind of team sport, yeah. Davis Cup it's a team tournament as well but this, I think that this kind of the way ATP Cup is made, I really like it. It's different kind of team spirit and I really enjoying being near teammates and I think it's very nice.

Q. I didn't speak to Alek after his win but how big a deal will it be for him to have got a victory at sort of this level for his career and speak to that?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: Yeah, I think overall for everybody who was from our team from Georgia they got very good experience, they're extremely happy and they're going to take a lot from this tournament in their career. And I think that Alek won today was very important. And yesterday we got also doubles and we are also were very happy for that.

Q. David, ask you a question. From your point of view, how did you rate the ATP Cup and Georgia's performance and tonight's win which was great?
DAVID KVERNADZE: First of all, I want to thank the ATP to make this tournament like this how it is, because it's so beautiful, for the players, for the captain as well. I mean, I feel I enjoy it a lot. It's something like different. I get used to in Davis Cup ties, because I'm a Davis Cup captain as well, but this is amazing. This is like really nice, there was great organization, so I'm happy for that. And I want to thank Nikoloz too for believing to me to be the captain of the team and thank him that Georgia is here because of his playing amazing tennis, that's why we are here, so I want to thank him so much.

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