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January 8, 2020

Gaston Gaudio

Diego Schwartzman

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-2, 6-2

Team Argentina - 2

Team Croatia - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Diego, how good did you feel out there on the court tonight?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: I felt well. I think at the beginning I saw Borna was doing mistakes, unforced errors, not serving his best. I was trying to be intense, focused, and playing strong, you know, in the baseline.

I think at the end I took my chances, and I think that's what was the difference tonight.

Q. Gaston, I guess you have now qualified for the quarterfinals. As the captain, how are you feeling about that and the job your team has done?
GASTON GAUDIO: Well, it's always good to reach the quarterfinals in any event, and in this one in particular is even better, you know. We are representing our country. We are, like, pretty good friends. We are enjoying being together. And it's always a fantastic sensation being in the final 8.

Q. Diego, when you hear the fans and the "Olé, Olé," all those chants, does that give you extra motivation when you're on the court?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yeah, of course, of course. We are playing in this court, in the center court with a lot of people tonight from Croatia and from Argentina. It was amazing the last three days, a lot of people from our country. So, yeah, we are really happy to be here and playing like in home.

Q. Obviously you're trying to focus on the match and tactics and everything. Are you able to take a moment and take that all in and look around and see what's going on?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yeah. Today I was really, really focused and not thinking about that, but the second match, yeah, against Thiem, a few moments I was enjoying a lot.

That moments you need to enjoy. You never know when it's going to repeat, playing in Sydney with more Argentinians than maybe Australian people in the court. And, yeah, I think against Thiem the second match for me was really nice.

Q. Guido mentioned that even on the street by the hotel and all of that, you've had people come up for selfies. What's that felt like being in Sydney and having that?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, the situation here in Australia, we are about the Argentinians. A lot of Argentinians the last few years are coming, are trying to work, holidays, doing a lot of things here in Australia.

So we knew already since few years ago what to expect here because of the Argentinian people. In the street it's really nice. In the beach it's really nice. In places around Sydney, it's crazy how many Argentinians we have, and here on court it's happen the same.

Q. I know you just got off the court, so I'm sure you haven't thought about this yet, but are you aware of who you're playing tomorrow? And if you are, have you thought about that challenge?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yeah, I think everyone who is in the quarters is ready for the quarters. We are ready to play against Khachanov or Medvedev, the singles and then we see the dubs.

Yeah, yeah, I'm ready. I need to rest well and not be long time now in the site. I need to rest because Medvedev is putting every ball on court, so I need to be ready for the match tomorrow.

Q. Just same question to you, Gaston. Obviously Russia has two very tough singles players, just like your guys. How well do you think matches like tonight where all four players who played are very good will prepare them for tomorrow?
GASTON GAUDIO: Yes, of course. I mean, reaching the quarterfinals in any event, like I said before, is always good. But what I mean, that reaching the final 8, is that every match is going to be tough.

And playing against Khachanov and Medvedev, which everybody knows the level of tennis that they have been playing for the last two years, the last year of Medvedev was one of the unbelievable.

So, yeah, tomorrow is going to be tough. But the way that he was playing today, I think it's going to be -- we have pretty good chances.

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