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January 8, 2020

Yoshihito Nishioka

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

R. NADAL/Y. Nishioka

7-6, 6-4

Team Spain - 2

Team Japan - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Well played today. Congratulations. How do you feel after such a tight game against the World No. 1?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, for sure I played wonderful tennis today. I had a chance, but I couldn't take it.

So I played very well, and I think I almost had a chance to beat him but I couldn't. That means for sure I improving a lot. And I think a little bit closer to the top player, but still I think big difference for him and me.

Well, I think I improving a lot. I can play against that level players, so I feel very good, but today we have to win, so, you know, I really sad I couldn't support my team. But, you know, we have the doubles. We have still chance to pass the quarterfinal.

I'm very sorry for the team, but I will support on the bench, and hopefully they're going to win.

Q. You had an amazing run into that match, and you have had a great five days here in Perth. Are you happy with your start to 2020 overall?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Oh, yes. For sure I think I playing wonderful tennis right now. I think feeling good.

Well, for sure, I think Nadal is the most tough player on tour, so that's very happy for I play against him in this beginning of the season and almost I had a chance. So I think I got the good start in 2020.

Q. You said the other day you had a strategy heading into this match, and you weren't going to reveal it. Can you reveal it now?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I don't know, but -- well, I mean, hopefully I want to play again him. I want to play against him one more time, and next time, you know, I try a little bit more and better.

I think one worse thing is I couldn't play aggressive when I winning the match. When I winning the match 5-4 on my service game, a little bit I stay back, and then I couldn't play very aggressive.

So that's the point today. Next time I try more aggressive against him, and then we see.

Q. The crowd got really behind you today. Did you feel that out there and did you enjoy it?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Oh, yes. I love it (smiling). Many people watching on this stadium, so I'm feeling very good. And I think many Japanese fans watching on TV, as well, in Japan.

So very sad to lose against Nadal, but I'm very happy for I showed many fans, you know, I can play like this good. So that's happy.

Q. You were confident coming in and you have played very well in the three matches. Does that give you hope for the future you'll be able to attain some of your goals this year?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yeah. Well, my goal, I want to be top 30 this year. For sure, you know, I have the Olympics in Tokyo, so I want to focus on Olympics, as well.

But, yeah, I got great start in 2020, so I'm ready for next season. I mean the Australian Open. And I didn't pass the second round, so I want to be the third round, maybe more far.

I was believing I can beat him today, and then almost I had chances. So still I keep believing myself, and just trying to keep positive. Even if I lost, like, today, but still just, you know, just keep believing and keep trying.

Q. Have you enjoyed leading Team Japan and just the ATP Cup experience overall?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yes. I got great experience this time. We don't have the best player, I mean Kei, he's not here, but still, we are doing very well in this tournament.

So we can play against the many top players, and if Kei is coming back, we're more and more better, I think. And also, we have Uchiyama, as well. So if we play the best member, for sure we can be more good.

But also, our team is good, as well. Soeda, you know, Go showing his captain, he's showing his experience, you know. He trying so hard every time. You know, he's 35 years old, and he's still be, like, fighting.

Yeah, very happy for playing my country and then hopefully we want to go Sydney.

Q. Despite the defeat, was it the match of your life?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, maybe, yeah. I play very well. I think I had a plan against Nadal, and then that works. So I couldn't take this time, but I can try next time more different way to work, you know.

So, yes, I think best match, one of the best match of my life today.

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