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January 8, 2020

Go Soeda

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

R. AGUT/G. Soeda

6-2, 6-4

Team Spain - 1

Team Japan - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A very close start today. Did you feel in that sort of fourth game, I think you were Love-30 on his serve and you hit a very good backhand volley behind, did you think that may have been the opportunities to sort of break clear and...
GO SOEDA: Yeah. I had a feeling, but the moment I needed more be cool. Going to have to -- I was for like 30. We know it start Love-30. I needed more, yeah, I thought it be cool, yeah.

Q. When you're playing against a top-10 player such as Roberto, is it the fact that they make you rush a little bit more? Is the strength of their groundstrokes that much better? What is the difference when you play a top-10 player to playing, let's say, a top-50 player?
GO SOEDA: They have some like -- he was looks like no weapon, but he was everywhere. You know, he's fast and no mistakes. I was feeling that mean pressure for me.

Top-50 guys, they give me the point easy, but that, no. Just big point, they focused on the point.

Q. You have obviously been in the top 50 before. Now I believe you're around 120. What will you have to do in order to get back into the top 100, top 80, et cetera? What do you think you're going to need to do?
GO SOEDA: Yeah, maybe I can be in top 100, top 80, top 90. But if I'm going top 50 again, maybe I need more physically a lot. I need to play the top-10 players or top-30 players. I have to play, keep to play them, yeah.

Q. Have you enjoyed the ATP Cup experience so far?
GO SOEDA: Yeah. I'm really excited, yeah. Such a nice moment. I love this ATP Cup, right, because I love the team matches. Yeah.

Q. Were you nervous again? Although Roberto was the favorite on paper, were you still nervous and anxious?
GO SOEDA: Different type of nervous (smiling). But today I was more enjoyed, yeah. Before, last two matches, no like enjoy. But today was the many people to watch and more exciting, yeah.

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