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January 8, 2020

Kacper Zuk

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

K. ZUK/D. Novak

5-7, 7-6, 6-3

Team Poland - 1

Team Austria - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congrats. How does it feel to get an ATP win?
KACPER ZUK: I mean, it's a good experience because I had a chance to play for our country, first of all. I won. I helped my team to reach the win today against Austria.

So I'm really glad that I won this match. That's first match against that high-ranked ATP player. So for me it means a lot, and I hope I will have more chances to play against guys like that.

Q. How much have you learned from this week?
KACPER ZUK: I mean, I have never learned that much as this week. I mean, I have never had chances to play guys like Cilic or Novak, so for me it means a lot, and I hope it will help me to go up my ranking. It shows that I have a potential to be there.

Q. Could you taste the smoke at all when you were playing?
KACPER ZUK: No, no. Like I didn't feel a difference between the last days, so for me it's safety on the court and I feel really great.

Q. Could you see any of it around the court?
KACPER ZUK: On court? No.

Q. Can you just describe what the emotions are like on court playing, one, for your country, and playing in a sort of event like this?
KACPER ZUK: I mean, I never had the chances to play on court like that that people are supporting me, so for me it means a lot.

I hope I'm going to have more chances to play for my country, to reach big goals with our country.

Q. Do you think that getting a chance, as you said, playing Cilic and Novak, do you think it's more than just these matches that it will really help you for the rest of the year and the rest of your career?
KACPER ZUK: Yeah, this starting of the year is, like playing ATP Cup, and I got the chance to show the people that I have a potential and I'm good, so I hope it will shows to me and to my coach and to everybody that I can reach big goals in tennis.

Q. How much did you take inspiration from watching Hubie a couple of years ago? He started his season fairly low in the rankings, and he ended up in...
KACPER ZUK: From who?

Q. Hubie, Hubert. When he made Milan, he started the season fairly low, and then he ended up in Milan. How much did you sort of take from watching him do that?
KACPER ZUK: I mean, we are still in touch with Hubert. I'm learning from him every day new stuff that can help me to be as good as him, because he's for now the first, top-ranked player in Poland, that he's winning matches with some good guys.

So it shows that -- like, he's helping us, like the young guys from Poland, with everything we are talking, and I hope I will have a chance to be that ranked as he is in few months or next year.

Q. Is playing in the NextGen Finals something that you would aspire to play?
KACPER ZUK: Of course, but I have never, like, thought about it before because for now I am 450 in ATP ranking, so it's a lot of place to move to be there, but I hope that I could play there this year.

Q. How has the experience this week compared to what you maybe expected when you got here?
KACPER ZUK: I mean, I didn't expect that it's going to be that good as everyone thought, because like a lot of people came for our matches, even if it's 10:00 a.m. So a lot of Polish people came, so for me I'm really thankful for doing that tournament, because it's a great experience, good preparation for, like, the next of the year, so that's a good job.

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