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January 7, 2020

Captain Alberto Giraudo

Fabio Fognini

Perth, Western Australia, Australia


6-4, 6-7, 10-3

Team Italy - 3

Team USA - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Fabio, assess the singles match for me, how you played.
FABIO FOGNINI: I was more fresh than last time, for sure. If I play like this, it's okay. We can talk about winning or losing. The problem was only that I was just feeling tired. I was just feeling the jetlag.

Probably I play in this condition against Casper Ruud, could be change.

Q. Did you have a clear plan against John? He said he was unable to hit through the court.
FABIO FOGNINI: Yeah, because on the baseline I was playing really solid, really good. He play better on the second set, for sure. But against this kind of player, you have to be really focus on your serve. Especially when you have the chance, you have to take it. I had few on the second set. He was serving ace, and I miss only one second serve.

I mean, the way I finish here is really good because first day, okay, I was playing without any pressure, and I was playing pretty good match. I was too tired to play doubles because I was arriving the night, 3 in the morning, I was playing right after in singles.

The day was against Norway. Today I feel okay, I feel normal. Hopefully the jetlag, it's not any more with me. Happy, of course, because we close the tie with victory against a good team.

Q. In the doubles, obviously a very close match. Do you think you could have potentially won in straight sets?
FABIO FOGNINI: Yeah, of course. When we play full, we know each other really well. We won so many big matches. I mean, Simone is like a brother for me. Luckily in the last few years, I try to be more focus on my singles because of the age, because I don't want to play more on Grand Slam.

But now it's another time top 100. I say to him I would like to help him in the small tournament if I have the chance, especially the beginning of the year that I need matches, to play with him. We play in Auckland next week. We going to play indoor. I going to try to help him to reach another time a good ranking. Hopefully we going to do it.

Q. Team Italy finishing on a high. How do you see the overall week?
CAPTAIN GIRAUDO: For me is a great week, for the team. We lost against Russia. Amazing team. Win a good match today, a good match against Norway. Maybe for one set we go home. Bad rules for me. But that's it.

Q. Did you like the innovations, the fact you were able to offer some advice to Fabio and other players courtside, and the touch screens? Did you like that element?
FABIO FOGNINI: I think the innovation are good. We have video review. We have, of course, challenge. We have the statistic on court. I think they're the rules. This is the first year we made the ATP Cup. It's a massive event. I agree, I'm happy.

But probably because, of course, for one set we out, I think the rule can be changed. They are the same rule on the Davis Cup. The two best second team of six, they go through, and the other one no. It's a bit like why? It's like lottery. If we thinking about the best second team.

For me no on this case. I was talking also for Davis Cup. The first two team, they have the opportunity because I think is not a problem, especially on this time of the year that most of the player, like 99% of us, they want to play more matches as we can.

One day in eight, nine, because this is like eight, nine days, the ATP Cup, so nine or ten days, nothing is going to change. For me, on this kind of rule, we could do something more because maybe they have another opportunity to play, to enjoy, because it's a great event, to play more matches.

We can talk about that maybe because everything is perfect, fantastic, but I don't like this kind of rule. I have to be honest.

Q. Would that be the only tweak potentially for next year? Did you go on court knowing in the doubles that you did need to probably win in straight sets to stand a chance?
FABIO FOGNINI: No, I mean, we win the doubles. We try to do the best. We lost the second set 7-6 with doubles specialists. Could happen. 5-2 up against Khachanov first day. We have a lot of chances.

But is no excuses. If we talking about the rules, to be more complete, my point of view is this way. I don't know the other player, what they think. But my point of view is we have to review these kind of rules, I don't know how call it.

It's strange. It's strange that we won in the group of four two matches and 99% we probably not go to Sydney. Only Russia won three times. We won 3-0, we won 2-1, we go home. That's not fair, I think.

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