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January 7, 2020

Kimmer Coppejans

Steve Darcis

Sander Gille

David Goffin

Joran Vliegen

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


3-6, 6-4, 10-7

Team Belgium - 2

Team Bulgaria - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you guys feel after that? What a mammoth day it has been today. It didn't look very promising in the beginning, but you have come through with the victory. Steve, you as the captain, go.
STEVE DARCIS: It was a tough start for me, for the team also, but I have to say that when David stepped in on the court, we had a good feeling. Even if he was a set down, he was playing one of the best match I have ever seen him play.

Level was great. Attitude was great. He fought, like, really hard to get this win. It was of course important win like this. I have to say the level, the attitude, was unbelievable.

And of course the guys, they were great also. Set down, break down, but they were still there. They were still fighting. We tried to push on the bench, but all the credit to them because they fought till the end, and they played a really, really, really great match.

It's good for us to have the win. We still have a chance to get through, but we just need to pray a little bit (smiling).

Q. What do you do tomorrow? Obviously there are several teams that still have to play to determine if you move on. Are you going to follow on different computers or TVs?
STEVE DARCIS: I think we're going to try to practice like we have to play on Thursday. We have a chance, but of course we're going to check all the results. What we can do? Just praying and hoping that we're going to go through with this, because I think we have a good chance.

Anyway, we did our best, so we see what's going to happen, but we need to stay in the competition and we need to try to focus like we are still in.

Q. David, obviously you have played Grigor many times before and it hasn't always gone well. At what point in the match did you sort of feel it turning in your direction?
DAVID GOFFIN: Well, from the start, first I wanted a reaction from the match against Great Britain. It wasn't great, and I wanted really to show something different, better energy, better attitude, better tennis, aggressivity.

That was the case. Even if it was 6-4, like Steve said, I thought that was on the right way. And the way I was playing was great and just had to keep fighting, to keep playing the same level and it will pay off.

So that was the case. I had a break, and then I started to play a little bit better, and then I felt that Grigor was maybe a little bit tired in the third.

And it was great level. But the most important was today to have just a good reaction after the match two days ago.

Q. Joran, obviously a very tough match and you have had tough doubles matches throughout the week. When they go up in the second set, how did you sort of regroup and reset yourself to be able to pull off your come back?
JORAN VLIEGEN: I think it goes automatically a little bit, because you're playing on such a big stage with the guys supporting you from the bench. You really have no choice but to keep fighting and trying 110% to win this match.

I think, you know, we felt like we maybe have nothing to lose now at this point, so we just try to keep our level and go from there.

We had some chances in the first set and in the second set, as well. You know, I think it was a matter of time before we could break and then take the match into our hands.

Of course the super-tiebreak is never easy. It could go either way. But we have been in those situations before, and, you know, with the guys supporting us every point and us believing in ourselves, I think that was the key today, and we executed everything perfectly at the end. So very happy with the win today.

Q. Steve, Great Britain needed y'all to win 2-1. Do you think Tim Henman should get you a bottle of Champagne?
STEVE DARCIS: I hope he's going to do it. I'm going to wait to see him tomorrow to see what he's going to do it. Yeah, we are waiting for it (smiling).

Q. Sander, obviously you had a deciding match earlier. Did that give you extra motivation for you this time to come out on top?
SANDER GILLE: No, I think there was enough motivation just with everything that happened and the guys on the bench. I mean, obviously we are trying to do good every match. Against British guys, it was a little bit disappointing to not win the tiebreak.

I think we have been in this situation beginning of the week for the super breaker, and I think we had more than enough motivation to just try our best and pull it out.

I was thinking during the super breaker as well it's like these are the moments that we have been playing for all those years, and then you try to enjoy it, and then we were feeling good on court and then we pulled it off. So it's great.

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