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January 3, 2020

John Isner

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

C. RUUD/J. Isner

6-7, 7-6, 7-5

United States - 1, Norway - 1

THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for John.

Q. Well, John, you must, it's a loss, but you must take a lot of positives out of a tough three-set loss like that 2:44, a couple tiebreaker sets in there, what do you take out of this match?
JOHN ISNER: I mean, well first off, I mean, I thought my opponent played well and he was better than me. There's no doubt about that. For me, what I can take out of that is that physically I'm fine and I feel fine, so that's good, but I just didn't do the things I needed to do today and he was making a lot of first serves and because of that, I was really struggling. I mean, whenever he made a first serve he was tough, he was playing well out there. As I said, playing better than myself and he deserved that win.

Q. A little bit of an age difference, I think Casper is 21 and you're 34, so maybe in the twilight of your career, but do you see him as one of the game's rising stars?
JOHN ISNER: I don't know. I mean, he's not ranked like as high as the other guys, so maybe. Time will tell.

Q. And your serve today, 33 aces, I think, and good velocity. Is that kind of where you would like it to be for this point of the season?
JOHN ISNER: I don't really think too much into that because that's what I do best. So I would like to be in a better place right now. But the good thing about this event is I have another match and I'm definitely a notoriously slow starter. I've not played well in Australia the last three, four years at all, but I also have not had the opportunity to participate in an event like this where I get another match no matter what happens out there.

Q. You said you got through today all right and your next match on Sunday night against world No. 5, Daniil Medvedev, good preparation, you might have more of an idea where you're at?
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, for sure. It will be a tough match, no doubt. I mean, what I need to do is really just put this match behind me as best as I can, because at times it wasn't pretty out there. So hopefully I can fix some things and try to play a little bit better on Sunday.

Q. How did you feel walking to the corners of the court at the changeovers as opposed to the umpire's chair, etcetera? How did it feel sort of talking to a coach and maybe a teammate or teammates for advice?
JOHN ISNER: No, I thought it was different walking -- I mean, sometimes it was a long walk from the other side of the court, but I liked it. I thought, I think the concept out there is very cool and very unique. I think every player's enjoying it, I enjoy playing on a team. When you play on a team it's awesome when you win and help your team out, but it stinks when you lose and don't help your team out, so that's what I'm dealing with right now.

Q. What would you do differently in that second set tiebreak? Was there that second forehand on the match point that --
JOHN ISNER: Yeah, I just, I mean, I just was a little bit, I guess tense and tight and wasn't free out there. So it wasn't clicking. Certainly would like to have that one back. There's no doubt about that.

Q. What is it about you and marathon matches? We all remember the Mahut match, I think it was 70-68 in the fifth set in a match played over three days. You just seem to attract them, they follow you around, don't they?

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