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January 3, 2020

Karen Khachanov

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

K. KHACHANOV/S. Travaglia

7-5, 6-3

Russia - 1, Italy - 0

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Good win tonight. How are you feeling after straight sets victory?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Well, it was good to win, no doubt about it. And first win of the season. I took some time to adjust a little bit to his game and I didn't know much about him and I think he started pretty aggressive, like, no pressure and played really well until 5-2. And then I think I took advantage a little bit and turned around the match. So I'm really proud of that.

Q. How important was it to save that set point at that moment and how massive was it for your momentum?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Of course it's so important. I think sometimes tennis is about this. It's not only about the quality of the game, how you play, but about the mental part and the mindset that you have on this important point. So sometimes it's not about where you put the ball but it's just a reaction and the reality that you want it. So I think it's pretty important and I think that made a difference in this match that I turned around. So in this moment from 5-2 down.

Q. How unpredictable is it for you the first match of the season, like, obviously, no one's played and, I guess, you're going into the unknown?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, actually I played in Abu Dhabi, you know, for that reason too, to have a little bit more real matches coming into Perth. And, yeah, I think I practiced pretty well and I'm feeling good physically, so it's all about having these matches, playing, trying to improve match by match and find your game better. And, yeah, just like I said, to have this mindset to believe in yourself and to keep having the momentum when it's needed.

Q. Just from tonight, what are some of the things that you want to work on a bit more that you feel might have just been a bit off?
KAREN KHACHANOV: It's also a completely different feeling between outside courts. It's so windy in Perth and when you go to the arena it's so slow and you don't feel the wind because it's all closed. So it's also you need to have some time to adjust because there are many teams who cannot practice all the time on the center court. So it's also about that.

Q. Your take on the USA on Sunday and you're probably going to play Taylor Fritz. You've beaten him before. What about him is a good challenge for you?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, he's a great player and Top-30, I think, and we played just one time against each other last year in Shanghai. By the score it looks maybe pretty easy, but I just did I think three breaks and, yeah, he can serve really hard, he hits the ball really hard, so it will be a difficult match, I need to prepare well and let's see. Interesting.

Q. Saw you looking at stats on the iPad, etcetera. What, do you welcome that addition during matches?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, of course. I mean, in ATP, normally in ATP tournaments you cannot even communicate with your coach and you are by yourself and you are just thinking by yourself and trying to analyze what's going on. And here you have a whole team behind you, your personal coach, captain, the stats, it's like you are even in the practice that you can speak and discuss every point. So I think it's a really good addition, but normally it doesn't happen in ATP tournaments.

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