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January 4, 2020

Satoshi Iwabuchi

Toshihide Matsui

Ben McLachlan

Yoshihito Nishioka

Perth, Western Australia, Australia


7-6, 6-4

Japan - 3

Uruguay - 0

THE MODERATOR: Let's get started.

Q. Yoshihito, your match today, you played very well. How did you find it out there?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I didn't know. I played, like, today but, well, I played him before in Australian Open and I lost. And I know how he's going to play, and then I know how, I know his weakness and also his strengths as well. So I just make it a plan before I play and then that works everything today. So for sure he doesn't have a good day today, but I think I played very well and my service game is also very good today. I practiced. I think I'm improving a lot all season. I tried to be improving more service and also forehands and then that works for today.

Q. With your ranking, I think it's about 73 at the moment, but had a low 45. So I know you can beat players inside the top-50. You would like to push into the top-50 yourself?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Oh well, yeah. Last season I beat twice for top-10 players in Kei and Monfils, so I think I have a chance to win against the top players now. So, yeah, just now I'm still 73, so hopefully my ranking is more going up and then I want to be like Top-30 in this year.

Q. In terms of a very good win for Japan in the ATP Cup, a new event, you must be very excited and your teammates for Japan.
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yeah, well, this is the first match of our season and everybody won today, so for sure everybody is happy and we didn't lose any sets. So it still, I mean, that's also, it's good, a good start for Japan team.

Q. Satoshi, would it be possible to break down the three matches and how you saw them yourself.
SATOSHI IWABUCHI: Yes, this is more than I expected and we didn't even lose any sets and all three matches were very good for our team and our players. And but still this is just the first tie. We have two more in the group stage. And, yeah, if we go through we have another more from the quarters. So today was very good and very happy today, but from tomorrow we need to prepare for the next days.

Q. Ben, you're an experienced doubles player, but did you experience any nerves for this first match, doubles match?
BEN MCLACHLAN: Yeah. First match of the year, so always wanted to get off to a good start. Yoshi and Go really set the tone for us today playing awesome singles matches. And, yeah, just had good vibes going into the locker room and we just went out there and had fun and played a good match.

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