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January 2, 2020

Simone Bolelli

Fabio Fognini

Alessandro Giannessi

Paolo Lorenzi

Vincenzo Santopadre

Stefano Travaglia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

THE MODERATOR: We'll start by introducing the players.

VINCENZO SANTOPADRE: Hi, everyone. So here we have Simone Bolelli. That is our doubles player. Here we have Alessandro Giannessi is the No. 5. Paolo Lorenzi is No. 3 and Stefano Travaglia, the No. 2.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. In this format of the competition, Paolo, how important is it going to be to use your experience on tour, sort of all of you, to get off to a winning start seeing that sort of first rubber, first match?
PAOLO LORENZI: Yeah, of course I will try my best. It's many of them on tour, so I will try to help the players. Of course, for Stefano, he didn't play in Davis Cup it will be a really good experience. But I think that we practiced really good in these days and I hope that we will start with a great match.

Q. For the vice captain, I want to ask you, Medvedev was just in here before with the Russian team, and he said that Fognini does not like to play, doesn't like to play him and he's said that previously before --
(Audio skipped).

VINCENZO SANTOPADRE: To the crown and we were working because the hotel is in the center, so I think that that is really nice city. It's really calm, there is no traffic, no -- so it's, I think it's good time for us to enjoy and to stay here. And I've never been here in Perth before so it was the first time only, only Simone was here, but also it was almost 10 years ago. So I think that's, that was nice to see this very good city.

Q. Simone, what's going to be a Team Italy's greatest strength that's going to help you potentially win some matches this week?
SIMONE BOLELLI: I think we have a very tough draw. I mean Russia and USA are very two strong teams and I think Italy has a good team right now, but we have to start good tomorrow, even if Russia maybe is one of the favorite team of even can win also this competition. So we're going to try to win every match. Every point is important, singles, doubles, and so I think we just have to go on court and play and try to win every point that we can win.

Q. Stefano, you stepped in for Berrettini. How confident are you going into this tournament?
STEFANO TRAVAGLIA: For me it's first time representing Italy, so for sure it will be very important for me, for my career representing Italy in, around the world and like you say, I never played in Davis Cup. So for sure this competition will grow me up and I'll try to give the best every day in the singles and try to put my best on court. And I am very happy to help Paolo and Simone have a good experience on tour. So for sure it can help me both and nothing. I try to put the best of me on court every day and try to win every match.

Q. You're taking on Khachanov. You've never played him on the ATP Cup circuit. How confident are you heading into that match?
STEFANO TRAVAGLIA: Yeah, for sure it's a tough match to start this competition, but it's, I have to take it like, like a normal match in the tour. I mean, it's, for sure it will be important to play every point good and try to start without pressure and try to put my best every point and keep playing and try to win, of course.

Q. And you just said it is your debut for your country. How much pride do you have in that?
STEFANO TRAVAGLIA: Oh, actually, I have to come here like No. 3, but Berrettini was injured, so I take his place and for me, like I said before, it's very important to represent Italy and nothing. I'm just, I'm proud to representing and try to give the best.

Q. And I spoke before about Medvedev, what he said about Fabio. Do you back Fabio to get a win over Medvedev and for you guys to finish it off before the doubles?
STEFANO TRAVAGLIA: It can happen. Anything can happen. So Fabio can play very well, very good tennis, so I don't think the ranking is important. So I think that I'm sure that Fabio can play very good tomorrow and, of course, can beat Medvedev and a lot can happen.

Q. With all the innovations at this event, obviously some have been used at the Next Gen ATP Finals. What are you most looking forward to? The fact that on-court coaching is allowed and you've got a team zone where each of you can cheer each other on? What are you most looking forward to, Captain?
VINCENZO SANTOPADRE: I think it's a good innovation. The coaching we, on the tour they try already in the U.S. Open and also in the Australian Open is past years. I think that is one thing that can be good. And it's also nice to have the, all the team on the bench. So I think in the team competition it's a good innovation.

Q. How important is it going to be this week to, for some of you to play three matches, to get guaranteed matches under your belt for sort of the future weeks to build confidence? Perhaps Simone and Paolo.
SIMONE BOLELLI: No, it's for sure it's a good thing. We have a chance to play at least three matches here and then there is another week before Melbourne, so it's a good preparation for Grand Slam and also this is competition, new competition with a team, so it's something new, something particular that can be positive.

Q. Paolo, maybe the same question. Just the fact that you're all practicing together, you're going to play potentially some matches and things like that and how important is it for your confidence just to get good practice in?
PAOLO LORENZI: I think it's great. It's great because you can arrive in Australia two weeks before, okay for me I will play quality like Alessandro, so you can stay here, you can practice, you have a lot of players, and you have the chance to play some matches. I think it's great because sometimes for you to play here or play a Challenger, it's a very great chance with a lot of good players and so I think it's really great this competition.

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