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January 5, 2020

Boris Becker

Kevin Krawietz

Andreas Mies

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

KRAWIETZ, MIES/Pervolarakis, Tsitsipas

3-6, 6-3, 17-15

Germany - 2

Greece - 1

THE MODERATOR: Who has the first question?

Q. Your thoughts on everything, the match tiebreak, the atmosphere, thoughts overall.
ANDREAS MIES: It was an unbelievable atmosphere. It's an honor to be part of this team and to play these type of matches. That's what you practice for and that's what you play for all these years, to be in this position and to win the match like this. It's, there's nothing better to finish the match point in the end. But it was such a roller coaster. I think it was a good quality match. A bit unlucky that we lost the first set. We could have won the second set a bit clearer after 5-2 set points, but got off to a bad start in the super tiebreak 0-5, it's always difficult, but I'm very proud how we came back and we fought hard. And Boris believed in us, the whole team was behind us all the way through and I'm so happy to win it in the end.

Q. Kevin, how did you guys keep your nerve down 0-5, they had the crowd on their side, all the momentum.
KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, we played in the last year in front of a big crowd, so we played in Paris against two French guys, so we know how it feels. But of course in the match tiebreak everything is possible. So we are down 5-0, we were down even more, but you can win the match tiebreak, yeah, anyway you can win it in the end, it doesn't matter what happens before. But as Andy said, we believed in us, everybody, everybody on the bench, Boris believed in us, so we had a great team behind us and I think that's a big thing, and, yeah.

Q. Boris, is that enough excitement for you for one night?
BORIS BECKER: If it ends like this I don't mind staying all night long here. No, but a big compliment to my players here that they kept their nerves. Most other teams would have given up, and they kept their nerves, they kept fighting, they kept believing, and they played well at the end. And the whole team, even after the 3-love against Australia we stuck together. We worked it yesterday, we had dinner together, and then we spoke about how we wanted to approach today, and everybody believed.

Q. Andy, what does it mean to give Germany, it's kind of lost in this, but to give Germany the win, obviously, the team win overall?
ANDREAS MIES: It means a lot. I'm so happy to win the match and to give us the win for the whole team, for the whole country. It's, like I said, it's a big pleasure to play for your country. It's only our fourth match for Germany after the Davis Cup in Madrid and, yeah, it's so special to play with the German flag on your back and to be part of this team. And then to give ourself the chance for the last match on Tuesday and to make it through, I think we still have a good chance and that was a really important win. If we lose, we're out. So we still, we're still in the race, we, everything is possible, and, yeah, let's see what happens on Tuesday.

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