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January 6, 2020

Gael Monfils

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

N. DJOKOVIC/G. Monfils

6-3, 6-2

Serbia - 1

France - 1

THE MODERATOR: Who has the first question for Gael?

Q. Tough match. What are your thoughts?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, I had a couple break points, I think, on the sixth service game of Novak, and I was unable to take the opportunities. I think I felt a little bit on that and it was very unfortunate. I think it was three out of three. He was very efficient on break points and I think the big points. Today I was a little bit struggling on the, to win the big points. I guess the score was a little bit harsh, 3-2. I think a little bit wise looks better than 3-2. I guess it was a solid match from both of us.

Q. What did you make of Novak's level this early in the season?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, Novak is Novak. He seems quite prepared. He was very comfortable with his shots, definitely when he returns to competition I guess he's a hundred percent. He played a great match against Kevin, so I was expecting a big match and I had a big match.

Q. During Benoit's match you were among the teammates who consoled him and helped him win the third set. What was that conversation like?
GAEL MONFILS: You know, I know Benoit very good. I know his temper, I understand it. We are few to understand his temper, so it's, to give him confidence, to give him, to show him that we trust him, because we do, we trust him. I think Benoit is such an amazing player. I think he's better than sometimes he thinks he is. I think he got on that court, his match, because he likes the vibes, he likes the teams. He was, I think, very motivated to see me back, to see that I really want him to win, and he just give it all. And he was unlucky in the second set. But it was just to give him some trust and some belief, that was just my purpose.

Q. To clarify, you were away from the court during the second set and you came back once you saw him, that he had lost, and then you watched all of the third there?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, I watched just until -- I mean, I was away and then I knew that when he lost the breaker with the match point that I should go back. I could tell that he was starting to be a little bit fragile and I think it was a big help that for all of us to be around him. It was just not just only me, it was all of us, who say, okay, let's talk to him. And I think Gilles is very calm and will keep him to the basics, but it was just a little help for Gilles, also, to have a big analogy as I have and then I think it works well. And then I come back because I saw physically he start to drop a little bit, so I give him a little yell and show him that he know we were there and definitely we knew it was an important point, this one, and so don't back up.

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