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January 4, 2020

Gael Monfils

Gilles Simon

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-3, 7-5

France - 2

Chile - 0

THE MODERATOR: Who has the first question?

Q. Congrats on the team win today. What did you think of the day?
GILLES SIMON: I think it was a good day. It was a very good performance on the court. Ben had a very tough match with Nicolas. It was one set in breakdown. It was hot for him physically and suddenly Nico played a bad game, and then Ben is finding a better rhythm and makes it in three and I think it was a very good performance for him.

And about Gael, and I think the level of the match was like really impressive. He got off to a good start, he could break direct, but after that, I mean, he was playing unbelievable. He was hitting full power on everything and, yeah, it was really, really hard to turn him back and that's why I think it's a very good win.

Q. How do you like coaching? How do you like being the captain?
GILLES SIMON: I don't know. It's the first time. Maybe the last time, also, so, I never know. But I just, I just like the team, you know. It's very nice atmosphere all together since we are here and they have like strong personalities and very different personalities also. The match with Ben is always special because I have to talk with him from the other side of the court. And, yeah, they're all really different -- and I have to check with the doubles guys, because we didn't met yet on court. But it's, yeah, it's a nice experience.

Q. Gael, you seem to be in good season form. How are you feeling out there?
GAEL MONFILS: It was great today. I think he had a good period in the second set, like, actually a strong period. It shook me a little bit. But I think slowly I get back in shape. I had a good pre-season and then I had to stop because I hurt a bit myself during the pre-season. And then I come back a little bit stronger. And here I was hitting it quite a lot actually and it felt great. So definitely I'm happy to be well, but my goal is to have my peak for the Aussie Open, so I'm still working quite hard on it, even when we play matches.

Q. What do you think of his game, Cristian's game?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, you know, he had a very flat backhand. Surprised me a little bit. But you can't go really heavy on it and he was not moving so much and with Gilles we figured out that we need to change a little bit the height, and but not really the focus, but the heaviness of playing faster. It was really much about the height. He covers well the court and he's a solid player.

Q. Did that happen when you guys had that discussion or when did you figure that out?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, when he start to play.

GILLES SIMON: On the court.

GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, actually, when he start to play really good, like, he actually like unleashed a backhand across and not missing so much and just being behind his shots on backhand, so we figured out that we should move -- I mean, we should change slightly on the tactics.

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