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January 4, 2020

Cristian Garin

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

GARIN, JARRY/Mahut, Roger-Vasselin

7-5, 6-2

France - 2

Chile - 1

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Cristian, it looked like it was an emotional moment for you guys to finish that off. What did that mean to you and your teammates?
CRISTIAN GARIN: Yeah, of course it's nice to end the day this way. We played an amazing match, with Nico we played, I think, last year many doubles together and we lost against the best and we didn't win any match. So I think this is our first in the ATP win, so I'm very happy about that. And about my singles, I think that I played a good match. Small details in the first, in the second set changed the match. And also, Gael, of course, is a very tough opponent. And I'm happy about the doubles and in singles I think I need to improve the small details. I have one day off and it's good to, for this, for practice these things.

Q. After the singles match it looked like you took that pretty tough. Do these, in this format on a team, do the matches, do you kind of feel different even after a loss than maybe you would, say, if it was a tournament another week where it's just you, or how does that work for you?
CRISTIAN GARIN: I think in this format you have to be a hundred percent every point. You never know what's going to happen. We lost against France, who is a really good country. They have, I think, the best players in the world. And it's like that, we have to play every point as our hundred percent. Nico, was very close today. I think I have my chances in the second set and the third set. Of course, you never know, but we have to play every point a hundred percent.

Q. How would you assess your game overall? It's the first day of the season for you, obviously, not a bad first day overall?
CRISTIAN GARIN: I think this year I made a very good pre-season. It's always important to be at the hundred percent healthy. I always travel with a fitness coach. I care a lot of that at this level. You have to take care of every small detail. I think this is my second -- I think I'm starting my second season on the tour, so I'm very excited to keep improving, to keep playing, and I think I have to improve a lot of things, and I'm happy to be here. I think this ATP Cup is with, the best players are playing, and Chile is here, so we have to be very proud. Also, it's nice to start the season here.

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